A Droopy Design We Love


It’s the first heatwave of the year where I live, so when I first saw the aptly named “Melt” table, I thought, “Wow… this design looks exactly how I feel!” It’s thoughtfully designed as an end piece that’s as playful as it is functional. The neck extending from the base arcs at the top before coming to an abrupt end where a circular metal surface is suspended. Here, users can rest objects ranging from glassware to decor. A sculptural accent to any space, it encourages the viewer to ponder its story and how it ended up with a case of the bends!

Designer: OITO Studio


It has only one leg, which is fastened to the tabletop from above, thereby outlines the shape of the arc, which is used as a handle for moving it in any convenient place for you.


One of the important aspects of this product is its simplicity of construction, even though it seems rather convoluted. In order to assemble or disassemble MELT, you only need two screws that are clamped manually.