Stub The Butt On An AshPlate

Question to all smokers out there…how do you normally put out your cigarette? Most people I know just stub it under their foot, and obviously mess up the floor. Keeping this natural motion in mind is the AshPlate, a manhole-esque cover for public smoking zones. The hollow beneath the cover collects all the stubs, while giving the smoker the satisfaction of stamping his light. The floor plate form was finalized after a study of smokers’ postures (sitting, standing and squatting) was taken into consideration. The pole with the hole looks practical too.

Designer: Kang Kyeyoung




AshPlate Public Ashtray for Smoking Zones by Kang Kyeyoung


  • I thought it was a take on a smokers carbon footprint.

  • GI says:

    While I appreciate Kang’s desire to enhance the experience and collect the ash/butts to keep things clean, I have such major aversion to smoking and ciggarettes in every way that as a designer this is probably THE ONLY product segment that I would purposefully design to actually diminish the smoker’s experience, making it ugly, embarrasing, even painful to encourage one to quit this drug addiction as soon as they can. All you have to do is imagine the simple consequence – gazing at the hospital room ceiling, hooked to an IV and dying a slow, painful death. I know too many people that ended up that way. I never understood really, why is smoking STILL socially acceptable worldwide and ANY way, shape, or form.

    • reality says:

      agreed this is far too good for them. the only thing smokers deserve is cancer.

      • peosh says:

        I wonder what you deserve?

      • John q says:

        what kind of dbag are you and the GP that you cannot be tolerant of other peoples habits? I’m sure you have habits that other people dislike but living in a society should educate you enough to be tolerant of other people regardless of your opinions

        • GI says:

          Well John if you want to bring this discussion to your elementary school food fight level, you can – you however appear to be oblivious that this has NOTHING to do with tolerating any habits; Smoking is not a “bad habit” – it’s the equivalent of suicide by a gun, knife, poison, jumping off the bridge – the ONLY difference is that one dies slowly and more painfully. In fact it’s a lot worse, since the second-hand smoke screwes stand-by people too, as opposed to plain suicide, so a smoker on a street spreads their “joy” to surrounding population, putting them at risk too. Wake up and smell the coffee.

          • John q says:

            yes, second hand smoke has been shown to be harmful, thus the ban on smoking indoors in many countries. If we were to go by your logic, shouldn’t drinking be banned as well? It is very clear that drinking causes numerous deaths through not only the slow and painful kidney failure as well as overdose and car accidents with drunk drivers. Beyond that, its an individual’s choice what they decide to do with their body even if it is a slow suicide.

          • Johnny q says:

            its liver damage not kidney u moron

  • M. N. says:

    nice job

  • PS says:

    In before the holier-than-thou anti-smoker monologue… oh wait.

  • karl says:

    I still think higher ashtrays and personal ashtrays are better than this. Think of the people cleaning it up. If the smoker misses are they gonna bend down to pick it up? not likely

  • jc says:

    its acceptable because the generation before as lied to about it and got hooked before they told everyone how bad it really is. now we have all the people addicted do to this and we cant just exclude a massive group of people. the only ones to blame are the smoking companies.

  • jc says:

    ppl smoke cigars too, are you gonna tell the filthy rich people to give up that too, i think this is an amazing project, perfect for my cigar lounge in my jazz bar. theres alot of bad shit out there in the world ie, sugar btw one of the worst things for u, sold in every store in almost every edible product.

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