This minimalist furniture piece for cats is a hybrid of a bookshelf and tower where cats can play and rest

Cat Is Art is a minimalist cat tower designed for the modern home where cats can play and humans can store their home goods.

Interior design is an art of balance, and the furniture pieces made for our pets don’t always flow with the rest of our home the way we’d like. Too often, it comes down to what we’re willing to sacrifice: our interior design, or our cat’s comfort. Every once in a while, however, a new piece comes out that manages to wrap it all together. Cat Is Art, designed by Plenilunio Design Agency, is a modern cat tower that strikes the ideal balance between minimalism and rustic warmth.

Designer: Seongjin Cheon, Chungjic Kim x Plenilunio Design Agency

Amounting to a clever combination of a large bookshelf and cat tower, Cat Is Art finds climbing components via staggered shelves for cats to hop between and for users to store home appliances. Adding to their original cat den, the cat tower is its larger, taller counterpart. The cat tower’s exposed metal frame dips into farm-style interior design elements, giving it a rustic flair.

Placed between the metal framing, spacious shelves protrude from both ends to give cats safe landing pads for resting and jumping. Plenilunio Design Agency layered each shelf module with padding so cats will always feel comfortable when taking their little cat naps. While the cat tower keeps a unified look throughout, two metal rings situated near the tower’s top-shelf allow pet owners to attach feline-friendly toys to keep their cats entertained.

Maintaining a minimalist look throughout its build, Cat Is Art is comprised of only its metal frame and integrated shelves. The metal framing does find some energy with a diamond-crossed centerpiece that offers a subtle dash of style. Conceptualized in a blue and white color scheme as well as an entirely optic white finish, Cat Is Art has a chameleonic personality that would look right at home in any modern living room.

A diamond-crossed back section offers some flair to the otherwise stripped-down cat tower.

Staggered shelves provide safe landing pads where cats can jump and rest.