Public seating with a functional twist!

If this sheltering from home has proved anything, it’s that most of us can work from anywhere we are. At home, at a café, from the airport lounge, all we really need is a place to sit down with our laptop and possibly a strong WiFi connection. The FLIP reimagines public seating to accommodate this need. Its design allows for being able to sit casually with a backrest, or flip over and use the backrest’s horizontal extension as a laptop table.

Made from powder-coated stainless steel with molded plastic panels to rest on, the Flip comes with an easy-on-the-eyes aesthetic that makes it perfect for public seating. It can be placed in classrooms, parks, cafés, restaurants, lounges, or anywhere else you could sit down and shoot out an email… or possibly even eat a sandwich. Not everything is about working and offices.

Designer: Anurag Sharma