Japanese tea rituals inspired this flexible, modular, origami-like wooden table!

Tea time is significant in many Asian cultures, it is a moment of pause in the day where one can enjoy a peaceful moment of solitude or socialize and relax with friends. Tea time is a beautiful ritual in Japanese culture and Hasu is a tea table inspired by that zen practice. Hasu transforms itself as the tea ritual progresses making it a contemporary piece of furniture that still pays a tribute to the process.

It starts as a minimal compact structure and ends as a complete furniture set for tea time. Hasu’s design allows storing an extensive tea collection while presenting it in a unique and clean manner – it is almost like you can fold or unfold the tea time ritual like origami. There is a lot of storage for all the objects needed for tea rituals and the table allows you to present them one by one during tea time, it is all on-site so everything is handy as well as neatly tucked away. The unfolding of the four upper tabletops marks the beginning of the tea time ritual. Extend the seating to four guests by simply pulling the floor chairs from the table. Even when it is not in use, it still upgrades the space as an abstract piece.

Hasu is produced using several construction techniques (traditional + modern) and different types of wood joineries. The body is crafted from solid oak and features powder-coated aluminum details. It includes a brand new hinge system that was specifically designed for Hasu. The simple yet innovative design gives tea lovers a chance to elevate their rituals without adding clutter. It allows you to disconnect from the surroundings and cherish peaceful moments with loved ones while enjoying the warmth of the teacup in your palms.

“Just like an opening lotus flower, when the first rays of sun caress the horizon during sunrise, symbolizes the start of a new day,” says Mortelmans while perfectly describing the soul of Hasu.

Designer: Dieter Mortelmans