High-atop My PoeTree

Designer Frédéric Battle (awesome last name) wants us to slow down and enjoy life. His PoeTree concept is a chair you suspend on your favorite tree – the taller the better – and utilizes a system of cables and pulleys to hull you up slowly. The contraption has a 3-point seat belt and nothing on the system harms the tree in any way, unless you plan on going up wildly swinging a chainsaw.

Designer: Frédéric Battle


  • IGreenSpot says:

    it looks complicated, are you sure we are going to enjoy the chair and not all tied up ?

  • zippyflounder says:

    does it come with a line throwing gun and grappling hook?

  • eric says:

    for real. how are you supposed to get the ropes up there to begin with?

  • Iperpaolo says:

    I’ don’t know the right word in english to explain the concept of sovradesign (perhaps it is really this eheh). I mean that this product is too much designed , there are not necessary complications in the structure and this is definely deleterious for a “poetic” project

  • Lim says:

    Hey… i tought it was a racing car’s seat over there haha….. I got feeling i will be catapult…

  • carl says:

    and then doubles up as a bird bath…!

  • TH says:

    So it’s a hanging chair on steroids. And it has a three-point seatbelt. Safety goggles and the crash helmet are optional extras? 🙂

    You’d need a tree with a strong enough branch to hold the weight of you and the chair – plus, you need clear space below that branch so that the chair can move up and down. And if you then want to do all this without harming the tree, you’re in most cases stuck with the lowest branch – and so the whole expensive and cumbersome pulley system is pretty useless.

    I can see the idea behind this and as someone who climbed a lot of trees as a kid can appreciate the sense of serenity that even a little height can bring, but I think the potential for this is very narrow – in most cases a “normal” hanging chair would be superior.

    Also, where do I put my book, iPod and the bag of candy in this? 🙂

  • Sam, Wisconsin says:

    A hammock?

  • lurino says:

    …over glorified hammock

  • ignorance is ignoran says:

    Dude is is my dream to go up a tree while wildly wielding a chainsaw.

  • ignorance is ignorance, not bliss says:

    Dude is is my dream to go up a tree while wildly wielding a chainsaw.

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