This quirky sideboard is like a loyal pet that brings your favorite book forward

Most people have plenty of reading materials scattered around the house, whether they’re actual books or collections of magazines. No one reads all of these at the same time, of course, and some might have favorites among the ones they’ve already read. Keeping books organized is relatively easy if you have the right storage options for them, like shelves and even side tables. Keeping track of your current book or favorite magazines, however, might be a bit trickier. You can have one place to store books and another to enthrone your special stuff, but that means keeping two pieces of furniture. To simplify things while making your room look a bit more interesting, this rather cute design gives the sideboard a literal twist that gives the furniture a personality not that different from a friendly pet.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

Although originally intended to store tableware and other culinary items, sideboards have become multipurpose furniture that serves as a dedicated space for anything you need to keep. Traditional designs are really no different from cabinets with drawers and doors, but there is definitely more than one way to make these room accessories, especially if they serve as accents to make a space look more interesting. After all, if a piece of furniture is going to stand at the side and occupy a lot of space, it might as well make your room look appealing.

The Dachshund trades the multipurpose compartments of a typical sideboard for a single, open area. Although it’s certainly possible to put anything in this space, it is designed particularly to hold a row of books or magazines. In essence, it’s like a single for reading materials expressed as a low sideboard. That alone wouldn’t really be enough to catch anyone’s attention, but the sideboard’s body twists upward on one end to add a bit of flavor and functionality.

This twisted end has a somewhat shallow box that can be used to hold a few items. The most natural thing to put inside it would be the book or magazine you’re currently reading, making it easy to access without having to pull it out from a pile. Alternatively, you can also enshrine your favorite or most beautiful book, setting it apart for everyone to see. Of course, you can also just put decorative items to complement whatever decor or theme you might have going in the room.

The Dachshund sideboard puts a simple twist on a standard design to create a memorable sight and a new experience. The furniture’s form is akin to a pet, like the canine namesake, that wags its tail or, more appropriately, brings you your newspaper or, in this case, your book. The smooth curve of that part is also something that’s difficult to pull off with wood, making this unusual piece of furniture a fun yet elegant addition to your interior.