Noku X7.0 Smart Table Lamp looks like a glowing gem from afar

Let there be light! That’s what people always say when they have smart lights at home. Major light design can be complicated but for the home, it can be exciting to design lamps, especially those that are “intelligent”. They have become regular fixtures serving a purpose—to illuminate the surroundings. But lamps can also serve as decors and this is where aesthetics come into play.

The Noku X7.0 Smart Table Lamp comes with a contemporary design. It looks more like an art sculpture so it can be an important piece of conversation. Smart lighting has come a long way and we have reached the point designers can really play with it.

Designer: Noxu Design

The X7.0 Smart Table Lamp is something you’ll see far into the future. Its minimal style is made more interesting by the fact it rotates 360°. The lamp throws ambient lighting around, giving a levitating effect. From a distance, it appears to be a gem or a crystal. You know, the kind you see and need to collect and complete in video games.

Noku Design used black coated aluminum for the frame of the lamp plus its very own NoxuSmart LED light. Standing at 15-inches, the lamp can show 16+ million colors but obviously, you can only identify the basic colors. It offers different multicolor effects that you can control via the NoxuSmart App. If you want to increase or decrease the speed of the effects, you can also do that.

Noku’s X7.0 Smart Table Lamp is more of an accent light than a task lighting. It may not be ideal to use for work or studying as it appears to be more decorative. It will work well to make your priced painting or furniture piece to appear brighter but on its own, it can already stand out. The intelligent table lamp is also dimmable so you can set the intensity.

Your guests will be wondering how this lamp works. How can it stand and rotate at the same time? Is it levitating? What sorcery is this? You may not have time to answer all the questions so this is truly a conversation starter.