Gantri’s Iceberg table lamp is a cool-looking light with a warm glow

With its jagged, low-poly edges, the Iceberg Table Lamp by Hannah Fink for Gantri looks quite like its source of inspiration, although it promises not to disappear as a consequence of global warming. Made in corn-based PLA, using 3D printing techniques (Gantri’s speciality), the Iceberg Lamp comes with a warm LED light on the inside to give it a cozy glow as it sits on your desk or by your bed.

The jagged edges on the Iceberg come with functionality too. The form allows you to dock devices such as mobile phones and tablets between its geometrically sculpted peaks, allowing the lamp to also serve as a stand for your smart-devices. Part ambient light, part smartphone stand, and full heartwarming design!

Designer: Hannah Fink for Gantri