Watch this camper expand into a two story tiny house powered by solar panels!

I love tiny homes and cabin designs because they show how you can creatively optimize small spaces and still make them highly functional. The latest on my list is the Haaks ‘Opperland’ camper because it is something I haven’t seen before – an expandable trailer! This cool camper turns into a tiny two-story house!

This durable camper is actually a hidden tiny home that brings exceptional comfort and enhanced capabilities while you choose your views. The compact structure is capable of being transported on a flatbed truck so you can bring your home and turn it into a vacation home in any place you like. Flexible lifestyle goes hand in hand with pop-up home designs like the Opperland camper that offers a sleeping loft as well as a lower section open for meal preparation, dining, relaxation, and other activities. A triangular pop-up roof transforms the wood-clad camper into your tiny home with all amenities and appliances. There is a small bathroom at the back of the camper including a shower and the staircase opposite it that leads to the upper level where a double mattress fills the space illuminated by a whimsical triangular window located in the pitch of the roof. “With the push of a button, the camper extends its support legs, so that the car can be driven under it; this remains available for day trips. The module self-levels and the automatically retracting roof unfolds your sleeping area,” explains the team.

The cabin offers 45 liters of freshwater storage along with a wastewater tank and also features a Truma water heater along with a Victron inverter to provide essential amenities for inhabitants. It also has solar panels that provide the owners with endless power and let them travel for days. The tiny structure includes a kitchen with a sink, an induction cooktop, and an 81-l fridge/freezer. this is all powered by a 360-ah lithium-ion battery onboard. Large windows flood it with ample natural light and ventilation. The idea was to enable people to feel at home in the camper and make most of the gift of freedom that comes with it. “The Haaks camper is proof to me that durability, comfort, and beauty can go well together. A bold and innovative design that you want to be seen with,” says lberic Pater, Sustainability Manager at IKEA Netherlands.

Designer: Haaks Campers