Furniture designed with hidden details that put your IKEA furniture to shame: part 3

IKEA has become a staple of our modern furniture scene. So well have they mixed mass-produced convenience with cheaper prices, we have almost forgotten what the other side looks like! Furniture design has always been a love of labor and it is that love which translates into an unseen level of detail, making each handcrafted piece a treasure to be cherished across ages. The furniture details showcased in this collection glorify and celebrate that attention to detail and what gives furniture design its character, making it a must-have in your life!

Aero bar cart by Plataform4 for Lider Interiors shows us a more elegant version of the classic straw woven ventilated cabinet door contrasted by a simple leather pull. This merging of two extremely traditional materials in a modern avatar is guaranteed to be a show-stealer, letting you store your bar essentials while bringing a light airy feel to any room.

Lozi Design used a supersized wave joint made from light solid ash and a variety of surface finishes to create the Wave Table. This perfect centerpiece is a part of their ‘wave series’ that highlights and adds a new dimension to any contemporary home. Lozi has also developed a new surface material for this table – by repurposing their waste sawdust they have created a red sheeting material by mixing it with Bio Resin. Eco-friendly with a side of furniture details!

The award-winning cabinet maker turned designer Dean Watson is the brain behind this innovative twist-cabinet! This cabinet is actually one of Dean’s first design and has been a client favorite for years. The detailing of this cabinet lies in the twist, with each one taking over 20 hours of manual effort to create.

Taking inspiration from the land of minimalism and attention to detail, the Kyoto Sideboard by Riva 1920 is a statement piece. Made with solid wood and blackboard, the drawers have been assembled using dovetail joints with milled handles to open the same. Every requirement of the sideboard has been completed using the wooden elements without using any extruded element like a drawer handle in the design, making the design minimal yet functional.

Mubu Home’s Elliot Daybed implies luxury with its craftsmanship, timber slatted top, and soft curves. The bed at the first glance is inviting without requiring any additional effort to draw your attention. It is this feeling of easement that makes this perfect for any room that needs a sitting area without relying on a couch!

The Nabb chair By Studio Mattias Stenberg for Nola Industrier emphasizes its use of neutral colors with its powder-coated triangular ends that form the frame of the chair. The rest of the chair is leather, that allows it to hold its form naturally but becomes soft and malleable for the user’s comfort once seated!

Dieter Rams says “Good design is thorough down to the last detail.” The BM0865 daybed by Børge Mogensen for Carl Hansen & Son is the perfect example of that! Exhibited for the first time in the 1958 Copenhagen Cabinetmakers Guild Furniture Exhibition, this design is being relaunched as a part of this great Danish Designer’s collection. Simple in its design, the beauty of this daybed lies in its attention to detail, with the curved edge sitting just inside the mattress, ensuring you never get accidental bumps while lounging on it!

If you have ever (like me) binged on endless lists of “quick and easy way to transform your apartment,” there is one hack that is truly useful when partnered with Iva Decor Studio’s No. 9 Upcycle Sideboard Legs! The design in the color gold is contrasted by the stoic black, instantly adding retro charm to the entire designs and giving you a new theme to repeat throughout the interior.

Sawdust Bureau takes the vintage XVI dresser and gives it a modern take with their version of it! Traditionally a bulky design with thin legs, Sawdust Bureau uses a stepped back radius to create a shadow gap, making it ‘float’ and giving the overall design a lighter look. The design also uses white mahogany wood and subtle brass pins to retain its elegance!

The Arco Chair by Cantarutti showcases how an everyday object like a chair can be luxurious, stackable, and adaptable for modern living! You don’t need plastic chairs to save space, Arco accomplishes the task with easy using its curved backrest which also is the inspiration behind the name of the chair!

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