The RUM Project is a speaker-and-security camera system in one

Bluetooth speakers have proven to be very convenient and versatile. We can’t live without these audio devices and we’ll only look for better ones as technology improves and more needs arise. We like those portable ones but are powerful enough to start a house party.

The big brands have been introducing products for audiophiles left and right but they can be very expensive. We know there are startups that have been introducing new speakers that offer excellent audio experience in unique forms. The latest on our radar is the RUM Project. No, it’s not the kind that can get you drunk. It’s the kind that will make you in love with music more or dance to your heart’s content.

Designers: Rume Studio

The RUM Project is a concept Bluetooth pendant speaker that features a 360-degree surveillance camera. It’s a combo-gadget that offers a number of conveniences apart from audio playback. Business owners will probably love this because of the discreet feature. People will think it’s just a speaker but they don’t know it’s also a camera.

There is the issue of privacy but most establishments should really have security cameras. Unfortunately, some customers get scared when they see too many cameras so it may be best if you choose something that’s not very obvious. The RUM appears to be more consumer-friendly and won’t scare the customers away. Not that people don’t want them because they’re going to commit a crime, it’s just that they don’t want prying eyes when they’re shopping or eating.


The RUM Project offers several functions but it also serves as decor. It can be placed alongside pendant lamps on the ceiling. It solves the problem of connection and cables by hiding what needs to be hidden. It’s also easy to control using a dedicated remote control so streaming is continuous when needed.

The Bluetooth speaker/security camera delivers clean aesthetics as the design and materials can adapt to any interior. There is a 3D-camera module below the speaker module. It appears like another smart speaker but this one doesn’t “talk back” and do things for you. What it can do is play your favorite music.