Cat-friendly products designed to keep your pet purrfectly happy

I wholeheartedly believe that this is a cat’s world, and we’re just living in it! If you have a cat or two, then you know that they are the true masters of our home, and we are their abiding slaves, tending to their every need, always at their beck and call. They’re the apple of our eyes, and we would do almost anything to keep them happy and comfy, including showering them with cat-friendly products designs! I’m always trying to create a comfortable and interactive living space for my own cats – from a cat couch with an interesting folding mechanism to a skylight-enabled litter box that doubles up as furniture, I’m ready to invest them in all. And this collection of cat products promises to be the investments that do exactly that! They will cater purrfectly to your cat’s every need! Happy kitties guaranteed!

1. Petsy

Ekaterina Vagurina used just cardboard to give rise to her cat house called Petsy to encourage cat owners to skip carpeted cat towers and opt instead for an affordable and simple cardboard house. Resembling the shape of an actual house, Petsy keeps a wide and lofty internal volume for cats to stretch and curl up to their heart’s content. Unadorned and unpainted, Petsy is a no-nonsense cat house that’s stripped down to its bare essentials—just the cardboard. In fact, if Petsy were to hit the markets, the entire house could be shipped as-is, no extra packaging necessary. Petsy comes with a large front door that only your cat will be small enough to slip into, as well as perforated holes on both ends of the house.

2. Cassle

Cassle, a multifunctional piece of furniture designed for cats by Soo Bin Cho, makes the most of your available floor and wall space to keep your cat happy and your apartment clutter-free. Cassle keeps two forms–the first is a pyramid-like structure that remains on the floor and the second is a wall piece that mounts onto any vertical surface. Cassle’s first form provides a type of hideout for cats. Defined by its triangular shape, Cassle’s first form finds the furniture piece’s cardboard beams connected by 3D-printed PLA joints to form a pyramid. Biodegradable, industrial wool felt coverings drape over the pyramid to conceal the interior, providing a dark space for cats to rest.

3. Cat Couch

Noticing the gap between cat-specific furniture and furniture designed for humans, Tomoya Ono conceptualized Cat Couch, a cat-friendly foldable couch designed for cohabitation. With the aim of designing a couch that is equally designed for humans as for cats, Ono found versatility through a foldable structure. Before designing Cat Couch, Ono figured removable cushion fabric and a modular design would provide the conditions needed for easy cleaning when necessary. Ono also designed Cat Couch with built-in scratch pads that provide a designated space for when the feline urge to scratch arises.

4. The Petlibro Granary Automatic Pet Dry Food Feeder

The Petlibro Granary Automatic Pet Dry Food Feeder keeps your kitty well-fed even when you’re not home! It comes in 2 volumes – a 3-liter and a 5-liter version, and can store up to 50 portions of dry food! You can schedule and set up feeding times, so the feeder automatically provides your pet with food, irrespective of whether you’re home or not. You can even set up a 10-second audio message for your pet, which the feeder will play when you’re at work, providing your furry friend with some comfort! The sleek pet gadget also features an easy-to-read and use LED screen. So you can change settings without any difficulty!

5. The Cat Amazing EPIC! Cat Toy Puzzle Feeder

The Cat Amazing EPIC! Cat Toy Puzzle Feeder is an indoor product that enables your cat to experience the thrill of hunting within your home! The intriguing toy comes with three levels, and seven sections. You can shift the difficulty level to suit the skills and engagement level of your kitty! It features a double-wall corrugated outer shell, so your furry friend can play with it, without damaging it. It even rewards your pet with treats! Created using plant-based materials and ink, the product is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. It’s completely safe for your kitties to play with.

6. Cat Person Litter Box

With Cat Person, Granneberg set out to design a litter box that appears like a piece of furniture to blend in with other interior design elements. To achieve this, Granneberg outfitted the Cat Person litter box with a wooden top lid that gives it the same appeal as a small side table. Ensuring casts enjoy enough airflow and light while taking care of business, Granneberg punctuated the wooden top lid with circular cutouts, creating a ventilated and well-lit interior space. Granneberg also designed the litter box with larger-than-average dimensions to allow bigger cats to have enough room to sit and turn around with comfort.

7. The Renault Pet Communication Device

This is visioned as an electric vehicle that allows pets and their owners to share a space beyond the confines of their homes. The designer believes, that Gen-Z’s race to individualism and high dependence on smart devices will alienate them further in the future when maybe their pet is the only companion. In that scenario, leisure time with the cat or dog would be a relieving experience. Thus, this EV design is created to ensure that the owner and the pet can move in and out of the vehicle with ease. It would have a large WZ-GO-style door on the rear that would enable the pet to access her space in the back of the vehicle.

8. Solar

Shaped like the sun, Solar is a small, but sturdy floating cat bed that’s built from pinewood. In a similar fashion to their other pieces of cat furniture, MyZoo lined Solar with a slotted resting platform for safe jumping. Ideal for small spaces, Solar provides a resting spot and jumping platform for your cat and saves space in the meantime. Unlike bulky cat towers and stringy scratching pads, Solar doesn’t take up any ground space and easily mounts to any wall where there’s room. Since cats love heights, MyZoo figured Solar was the best of both worlds–a space-saver for cat owners and an ideal resting spot for cats.

9. Ara

Ara, a three-tiered cat resting station designed by Juan Esteban Restrepo Tabares, combines a subtle sense of privacy with cushioned resting levels for cats to feel secluded while making use of their own furniture. Ara is defined by two sets of wraparound banisters that cradle three levels of cushioned resting areas. Walking through the center walkway, cats find the first resting level where they can make full use of its area. Then, accessible through a central cavity, cats can climb up to the second tier where they can perch high above the ground, to look out over their home space.

10. Habicats’ Cat House

This adorable cat house by Habicats is created from compostable materials, making it 100% recyclable. The eco-friendly house is large enough to accommodate kitties of all shapes and sizes. It’s a fun and cozy spot for your pet to play, nap, and relax in. It also comes with a scratcher pad, to perfectly meet your cat’s scratching needs! Every season, Habicats releases a refreshing and super cool design, so you can always upgrade your cat’s house for a better one!