This wall-mountable piece of cat furniture saves space through its multifunctional design

Cassle is a multifunctional piece of furniture designed for cats to have their own private retreat without taking up too much floor space.

Keeping cats entertained in small spaces is quite the challenge. Tiny living quarters, like studio apartments and micro-homes, make sharing space with cats feel like a game of Tetris. It’s all a matter of finding the right toys, litter boxes, and furniture to keep your cat happy, without taking over the entirety of your living area. Cassle, a multifunctional piece of furniture designed for cats by Soo Bin Cho, makes the most of your available floor and wall space to keep your cat happy and your apartment clutter-free.

Designer: Soo Bin Cho

Cassle keeps two forms–the first is a pyramid-like structure that remains on the floor and the second is a wall piece that mounts onto any vertical surface. Cassle’s first form provides a type of hideout for cats. Defined by its triangular shape, Cassle’s first form finds the furniture piece’s cardboard beams connected by 3D-printed PLA joints to form a pyramid. Biodegradable, industrial wool felt coverings drape over the pyramid to conceal the interior, providing a dark space for cats to rest.

The pyramid then unfolds to reveal Cassle’s second form–a wall-mountable lookout perch for cats to enjoy following their midafternoon nap. Cats find sills in the cardboard beams where they can sit or lie down while playing with the integrated polyethylene ball knot joint that functions as the furniture piece’s nose-work toy for cats. In designing Cassle, Cho hoped to create an unconventional spin on traditional cat furniture, amounting to a piece that saves space and is multifunctional.