This skylight-enabled litter box doubles up as furniture to please cats and their owners

Chris Granneberg designed an enclosed litter box, available for purchase through Cat Person, that’s built to please cats and their owners.

While enclosed litter boxes are great for cat owners, cats seem to have some trouble getting used to them. Cats are temperamental creatures and that means their litter boxes have to fit the bill. For cats to feel comfortable enough to use their littler box, it has to accommodate different needs.

Designers: Chris Granneberg x Cat Person

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There has to be enough headroom for cats to be able to sit down and turn around easily, there should also be a means for light to enter so cats aren’t going in the dark, and airflow is a must to ventilate the inside of enclosed litter boxes. Cat Person, a lifestyle brand for cats and their owners, recently teamed up with Chris Granneberg, an industrial designer, to develop an enclosed litter box that’s built to please booths cats and their owners.

With Cat Person, Granneberg set out to design a litter box that appears like a piece of furniture to blend in with other interior design elements. To achieve this, Granneberg outfitted the Cat Person litter box with a wooden top lid that gives it the same appeal as a small side table. Ensuring casts enjoy enough airflow and light while taking care of business, Granneberg punctuated the wooden top lid with circular cutouts, creating a ventilated and well-lit interior space.

Granneberg also designed the litter box with larger-than-average dimensions to allow bigger cats to have enough room to sit and turn around with comfort. An ergonomic and durable scooper accompanies the litter box that comes with a handy storing mechanism to avoid the eyesore of litter dropping to the floor. Joining forces with Cat Person, this collaboration marks another step toward Cat Person’s commitment “to make life with cats even more awesome,” through whole cat care.

The built-in scooper holder solves the issue of litter dropping to the floor. 

The entrance is big enough even for larger cats to move in and out of with ease.