Foldable laser cutter’s unique design gives it an infinite working area, making it perfect for industrial and hobby use

I can’t possibly overstate the importance of ‘compactness’ when it comes to machines/tools for designing and fabrication. Most consumer-grade 3D printers, laser-cutters, and CNC machines focus on usability and the price tag to make their machines more accessible to hobbyists, but they don’t always pay as much attention to making their machines as compact as possible. Meet Optic, an incredibly clever laser cutter/engraver that uses a unique folding design to collapse down to the size of a rolled-up yoga mat. Designed to make professional-grade laser cutting and etching truly accessible to anyone and everyone, Optic sports a brilliant folding design with its own integrated fume-filtration system, and the ability to work over an infinite surface area, so you could potentially make artwork as small as a penny or as large as a penthouse.

Designer: Rendyr

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One of Optic’s most noteworthy innovations is its folding design. Reminiscent of a filmmaker’s marker slate (you know, the thing they use when the director shouts “Action”), Optic occupies the space of a long linear cuboid when folded, but opens into an L-shaped apparatus when you need to use it. The L design ends up defining the X and Y axes of the laser cutting module, and Optic also comes with its own fold-out laser-proof work-mat to keep your items on while you etch/engrave/cut them. The mat, cleverly enough, comes with a grid engraved on it, making measuring, spacing, and aligning your jobs easy, and if you ever need to work on an item that’s larger than the mat itself, the mat plugs right out, allowing you to place the L-shaped laser module on any external surface.

The Optic lets you create with a wide variety of materials including paper, wood, and fabric products as well as specific metals, plastics, and foams.

Optic sports a slick, machined aluminum outer body with its own built-in protective tinted transparent cover. Underneath the hood lies the device’s powerful dual-diode laser module capable of outputting a single 15W beam, strong enough to work on a wide variety of materials, including paper, wood, cork, glass, marble, stone, concrete, and fabric products as well as specific metals, plastics, and foams. Given that working with lasers can result in fumes caused by burning materials, Optic comes with its own exhaust and filtration system – a feature that’s one-of-a-kind for consumer-grade laser cutters/engravers. The L-shaped design proves to be useful yet again, as one of the linear arms of the device helps channel air-flow from the laser diode right out to the other end, where air passes through a replaceable HEPA filter, keeping your workspace clean and smoke-free.

The Optic is detachable so you can place it directly on taller/larger objects. It can also be used for direct cutting and engraving on objects larger that have a 12” x 18” base work area and ¼” clearance for material thickness.

The laser cutter comes with replaceable multi-stage filter cartridges so you can use it wherever and whenever you need to without worrying about permanent exhaust ducts.

Fold it up when you’re done.

Designed with a truly limitless approach, Optic sports a portable design, with a USB-C input that lets you run the device off your Windows, Mac, or Linux laptop or desktop. The laser cutter supports a host of software and formats for input, and ships along with ‘LightBurn’, a well-known desktop-based laser cutter software that lets you even etch larger-than-life artworks. Lightburn helps split your artwork into smaller ’tiles’, effectively allowing you to etch your art piece by piece seamlessly without any problems. For objects with a thickness beyond the standard clearance, Optic’s optional Work Envelope Expansion Kit lets you process items up to a few inches in thickness.

The Optic combines CNC (computer numerical control) positioning with a high-power laser in order to precisely cut out your designs or engrave your artwork to help you go from idea to prototype to product with endless possibilities.

Made for professional as well as personal/hobby use, Optic’s unique design packs a punch without the massive space requirements of a larger industrial machine. When folded, the entire machine measures only 2 feet long, 4-inches wide, and 6-inches tall, allowing you to easily pack it away when you’re not using it. Each Optic ships along with a filter cartridge, a washable/reusable prefilter, a power supply cable (USB-C 100W), laser safety glasses, a cleaning and maintenance kit, the bundled LightBurn software, and a one-year warranty on the product. If you’re looking to upgrade your fabrication arsenal (or just set up your own prototype/hobby lab in your room), you can snag an Optic Portable Laser Cutter for an early-bird discounted price of $1,995 using the link below.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1995 $2995 (33% off). Raised over $710,000. Hurry, less than 24 hours left!