MOUSHI Sushi Mouse will either motivate you to work or make you more hungry

Moushi Mouse Where to Buy

Working from home used to be fun and exciting for many people. The past two years of pandemic brought about by the COVID-19 have transformed schools, businesses, and workplaces into more personal spaces as going remote or virtual is highly encouraged. For many of us, it can get tiring and boring so it’s about time we spice things up a little.

Your work-from-home setup should reflect not just your style. It should also be comfortable and with the correct elements so you can remain productive and positive even after years of remote work. Of course, you start with getting a powerful computer, and then there’s the office desk and maybe an ergonomic chair. Get the best keyboard your money can buy. But for the mouse, we recommend getting something fun and Kawaii like the Moushi.

Designers: Junsik Oh and Cheolhee Lee

Moushi Mouse Design Concept

The Moushi concept is your very own mouse sushi. The name doesn’t sound right but sushi lovers will definitely take interest. It can be a challenge to keep things light and energetic around the house but small things like this mouse (the accessory, not the animal) can add some joy to your day.


Moushi Mouse Concept Design

You like sushi? Get the Moushi in Tuna, Salmon, Flatfish, Shrimp, Gunkan, or Egg roll. Depending on your mood and taste, you can change the cover of the sushi mouse. There’s always a way to make the desk “delicious” but make sure you clean up after eating all those takeout sushi rolls.

Moushi Concept Design

Making real sushi can be complicated and time-consuming. It requires skills but for the Moushi, you don’t need to have a special talent. But then you need to understand there is an assembly method similar to how sushi is made—part by part and with a lot of patience.

Moushi Concept Images

Industrial design students Junsik Oh and Cheolhee Lee worked on the Moushi last year. From a few sketches, they tried working on a 3D model to finally achieve a convenient form for the mouse. The proposed item is something we really want to see in the future.

Moushi Image

Moushi Mouse Concept

If people see food on the desk, that will get them motivated to finish work fast and be rewarded. Eating sushi everyday may not be advisable but seeing different sushi each day can make work seem more bearable especially if you are a foodie. The Moushi will make work-life more “delicious”. Come on, add some quirk to a rather boring day at the home office.


Moushi Mouse Render

Moushi Mouse

Moushi Mouse Sketch