Razer’s limited edition Pikachu earbuds come with a Pokéball charging case!!

I recommend wearing the earbuds upside down so you look like you’ve got Pikachu ears…

Razer’s limited edition Pikachu earbuds are awesome for all the right reasons. Not only are they an absolutely delightful looking pair of familiar yellow earbuds, they even push the limit by coming in a Pokéball shaped charging case – which is even more exceptional because it’s a ‘charging’ case and Pikachu’s an electric type Pokémon!

The adorable earbuds are essentially a limited variant of Razer’s Hammerhead earphones, but in yellow, and with a Pikachu graphic replacing the Razer triple-snake logo. The truly wireless earbuds dock magnetically into a Pokéball-shaped charging case, which may not be tiny enough to fit into your pocket, but which noob carries Pokéballs in their pockets? The earbud case has a tiny lanyard that’s perfect for strapping around your hand as you walk around and get jealous looks from fellow Pokémon lovers.

The earbuds provide 3 hours of playback time, and the spherical case supplies them with an additional 15 hours… you could say that your earphones are ‘resting’ within their Pokéball. The only bit of disappointing news is that the earbuds will be available only in China, via the Tmall e-commerce store starting 16th April.

Designer: Razer