Norm Model B stone desk warns you if you’re slouching and charges your devices while you work

There is no shortage of desks in the market, especially after the Work From Home boom in the past two years. Given product design trends, most of these desks tend to favor sustainable wooded materials and minimalist designs. Wood, however, isn’t the only thing you can turn into a desk, and the designers over at Norm opted to use stone to create the Model B, the long-lasting and multi-functional desk that could very well be the last desk you’ll ever need.

Designer: Norm

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Minimal furniture has become less minimal these days, at least in functionality. While their designs remain simple and relatively blemish-free, even IKEA has started incorporating smart functionality into their minimalist products, especially wireless charging. The Norm Model B desk follows this new trend but takes it to a new level by offering something that fits almost every modern worker’s need as well as that of the planet. It’s the only desk you’ll ever need because it’s something you won’t be throwing away any time soon, thanks to the materials it is made of.

Norm’s choice of acrylic stone might sound strange at first, but its reasoning is sound. It’s the same kind of sustainable material used for surgery tables, it says, which makes it both tough and hygienic. And contrary to expectations, it is also warm to the touch, and the curved edges contribute to that smooth and ergonomic feeling. Speaking of ergonomics, the Norm Model B also has a special trick up its sleeves, or in this case, up its edges. Norm calls it “posture tracking,” and the desk analyzes how much pressure your elbows are exerting on the edge of the desk. Too much of that pressure means you could be slouching, and the desk nudges you with a gentle buzz to remind you to sit up straight.

You slouch – it buzzes.

While some modern desks try to be smart and feature built-in wireless charging surfaces, the Norm Model B embraces both wired and wireless methods, so you don’t have to choose. There’s a spill-proof power outlet and two USB-C ports on one side, while three wireless charging spots occupy the opposite side. Although the latter can accommodate any device using the Qi wireless charging standard, it was made with Apple’s MagSafe technology in mind. That means it has magnets to help align your iPhones or AirPods properly so you won’t have to second-guess yourself. In case you do want to see where to place your devices, a simple double-tap on any surface to the table will light up the LED markers.

You don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking over your precious cup of coffee because that 100-240V AC outlet is specifically designed for such accidents. For one, it has a built-in ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) circuit breaker. Second, the power will be cut in 0.03 seconds when liquid invades its territory. Like floor-mounted outlets in wet spaces like bathrooms, the liquid will simply flow through the isolated outlet body and out the leg. Yes, you do lose your coffee, but you get to keep your desk.

No tools assembly, just a single wire to plug.

The Norm Model B’s minimalist design, available in white and black tabletop colors, lets it fit in almost any space, even outdoors. But more than just an ingenious new WFH tool, the desk is also a statement on sustainability and a commitment to the environment. Every part of the desk can either be repaired, replaced, or even returned to Mother Nature. Durable, smart, and ergonomic, the Norm Model B solid-stone desk is designed to almost be immortal, something you can even pass on to your children when it comes time for them to work from home.

Click Here to Buy Now: $899 $1299 (30% off). Hurry, only 3/10 left!