This minimal air purifier doubles up as a portable fan!

Air purifiers have become an essential home appliance since the pandemic as people want to take an added measure to make sure the air they breathe is as clean as it can be. Baram is a conceptual air purifier designed to not only make the air around you healthy but also double up as a portable fan – truly a ‘breath of fresh air’ if you will.

Baram which means wish and wind in Korean was designed to fulfill your wish for fresh breeze indoors. Large air purifiers are bulky, take up space, and don’t have the added functionality of a fan. Batam provides a compact and portable alternative that is more feasible to have in your home. The mobility is a key factor because you can station it anywhere, be it in your bedroom as you sleep or on your dining table when you work from home. The handle also doubles up as a stand which helps in tilting the blower towards you which is something smaller fans don’t have. The interface is user friendly and simple to operate; it is always visible even when the appliance is tilted at various angles.

This air purifier doesn’t compromise on form or function. The minimal build is easy on the eyes when compared to its predecessors, unlike other small air purifiers or fans Baram has a more universal appeal ie. it doesn’t look like a cheap office desk essential or something for a child’s room. The white + wood combination gives it an airy aesthetic that blends in with any interior style. Inspiration was taken from several objects that live on our tables to land on Baram’s details so that it fits well in your environment. Putting this on my concepts-I-need-to-buy-when-they-come-to-life list.

Designer: Meenwook Jang