Mophie Portable Magnetic Stand props your iPhone at any angle and fits in your pocket

A smartphone stand’s purpose is very basic: it props up a mobile device. It keeps your phone safe, clean, and placed at a comfortable angle for viewing. But it can still “stand out”.

The Mophie Portable Magnetic Stand is the latest from the brand known for premium mobile consumer products. It’s designed for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series models. There are many options available out there but the Mophie Portable Magnetic Stand comes in a sleek package you can easily bring with you. It’s ideal for those always on-the-go and who want something to keep their iPhone at an easy reach.

Designer: Zagg

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The portable magnetic stand allows you to view notifications and text messages hands-free. You don’t have to miss any alert because your iPhone is always in sight. A couple of metal hinges lets you adjust the angle for more comfortable viewing.

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Mophie has applied a premium design for a more sophisticated look. The premium fabric finish gives the phone stand a luxurious feel to touch. Premium materials are definitely the choice to protect something as expensive as an iPhone.

Mophie Magnetic Portable Stand for iPhone 12

Mophie Magnetic Portable Stand Slim Package

As many Apple fans want their gadgets to be, this one is MagSafe compatible. Right out of the box, you can take advantage of the magnetic hold whether in portrait or landscape mode. The built-in magnets make this compatibility possible and really convenient.

Mophie Magnetic Portable Stand MagSafe Friendly

When not in use, you can fold the phone stand into a slimmer form. The thickness is 0.8-inch only and it’s something you can also slip inside your pocket or bag. The size (75 x 147.5 x 21 mm) and weight (158 g) make it travel-friendly and compact for every consumer.

Mophie Magnetic Portable Stand for iPhone 13

The Mophie Portable Magnetic Stand delivers an elevated look and functionality to the most common iPhone stands we know. It holds the smartphone conveniently which makes it an ideal accessor. It can be an ideal solution for when you are streaming movies (or cat videos), video chats, and for some, online classes.

Mophie Magnetic Portable Stand Design

Mophie claims this is a must-have iPhone accessory. We can agree as it offers many benefits. It can help keep your desk clutter-free. It features a wide range of movements. The streamlined style makes it perfect for anyone. The slimmer profile allows you to use it on the go because of its small footprint.

Mophie Magnetic Portable Stand


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Mophie Magnetic Portable Stand Premium Design Fabric