War Of The iPod DJs

I don’t know about the club scene in your area but apparently young Parisians are indulging in iPod battles where they play their music over a nightclub’s PA system, regaling the crowds to their tunes. 4 Leaf is one such platform that allows the young-guns to battle it four ways. Meaning four iPod DJs get to play their gig using just this one console. I like it! To learn more about how to party, head over.

The 4 Leaf brings in the charm of traditional DJ performance letting the players mix their selection of songs smoothly and continuously. The program’s internal software and the intuitive touch screen controller, make the flow mixing easy. On the face of it, the four touchscreen-pods for the DJs, sport a virtual turntable, BPM controls and play/cue functions. The internal software ensures that all the songs played are of the same beat, lest techno get mixed up with tantra! Now that won’t sound pretty!

Transfer the collection of songs to the 4 Leaf pod via the bundled application. Next drag each chosen song into the playing position from the set-up library. Consequently graphical representation of the song being played, gives the DJ a track of its length, allowing effective sync whilst cross fading.

On the construction angle of the play-area, each pod hooks up to a base table with all sound and power getting co-transferred via a single main plug situated beneath each pod. Music is streamed to the PA system via Bluetooth.

Use them collectively or singular as the RCA, Microphone and power plugs are all situated on the back of each unit.

Designer: Matthew Blythman


  • Carl says:


    • S.K. says:

      Why is it aweful? Could you explain please?

      • Carl says:

        implementing existing technology into a completely futuristic concept, by when the existing technology will be long redundant. hence an aweful idea. got it?

        • V.R says:

          Dear Carl,
          Maybe you should get a day job

          love all people who appreciated a brilliant piece of design, which has clearly been thought out and designed immaculately, keep up the good work Matt.

        • V.R says:

          Dear Carl,
          Maybe you should get a day job

          love all people who appreciated a brilliant piece of design, which has clearly been thought out and designed immaculately, keep up the good work Matt.

      • C.B says:

        This designn is brilliant matthew is a legend i also heard he has done some brillant work with the 20/20 vision car competion for the melbourne motor show this is very clever design he is also an awsome brother too!

        Learn how do spell awful

    • AT says:

      Carl, maybe you could add some credibility to your brilliantly succinct review by spelling ‘awful’ correctly. Genius.

  • VoReason says:

    Its not bad at all. Now the software, while not too far out of what is being done now, will be quite expensive to develop.

    There are sound applications out there that aid heavily in putting together music on the fly but just implementing the digital turn table would be a pain in the @$$. I seem to remember a digital turn table that had huge dials to represent the records. This software might be adaptable in this case.

    Integrating touch screen capabilities with the song manipulation software in a way that is intuitive and fun to use would also be a major headache and take lots of time to create.

    I’m sure there is software you could borrow heavily from to make it work, but hacking together others code is not only illegal but also a really bad way to develop a project like this.

    One would have to partner with several of these sound mixing firms and then use them to aid in the creation, minimizing profit.

    There is also a very limited market even overseas for such mixing boards. The cost of the device would be prohibitivly expensive and thus only high end clubs where a Digital DJ/music mixing scene has already developed would buy them.

    All in all doable, but not very lucrative.

    • zippyflounder says:

      Nice analysis, good to see another pro willing to educate the youngun’s…bravo. Note designers we are not hammering on you, or talking from the mountain. When we start out we all make huge mistakes, some times over and over but in the old days there were few that would mentor or even comment on design. I wish (I truly do) that this was available 35 years ago when I was starting out, maybe my hair would not be gray. 🙂

  • Eric says:

    I think in the coming years this will be even easier to develop. Right now, yes logistically a nightmare with the amount of coordination needed for implementation. But give it 10 years and computers will be a fairly advanced analyzer with even just a few “rules” given to it. Set some basic parameters, and a smart enough computer can do the hard work… So it’s doable today, but worth waiting a little longer for until it can be done right.

    • VoReason says:

      Your not seeing the problem. Computers can take the load now, this is not even that heavy on processing, just multitasking, and with quad cores the way they are now its easy to handle.

      The problem is writing the software. Techniques are improving in the code architecture industry but it is still very difficult to design and write what is called for for this project.

      As I stated before, all the code has been written for various other applications save the touch screen software(not that hard to do btw) but since none of it is open source, its very expensive to get your hands on it with an agreement that you can modify it to work together. It is also going to be used in a way it was not originally designed so it will be buggy and hard to maintain continuity. This means either your paying someone to learn the code inside and out or your using the original design teams from the other projects to work it out to work for this format. Neither is a pretty option.

      • Eric says:

        You’re not seeing the solution. Quantum computers. As far as I’m concerned computers don’t exist yet…. 😉 As I said, yes this is doable today, but we should wait until it can be done right. Figuring out how to do it with today’s technology is not the right way to do it. Period.

  • Edu says:

    and price?

  • Matt Blythman says:

    Hey guys,

    The table was an experiment in the exploration of social interaction- hence, I entirely agree that certain attributes and features are still unattainable in our day and age. It was designed to turn everyday people into DJ’s, allowing them to connect with the crowd, not too mention the other people using the table. There was extensive research into the emotions brought on by people hearing a song from their teen years, or even early childhood. This is the main drive behind this device, as many iPod battles feature songs from many different genres and era’s- allowing the audience to often be reminded of a certain place, or time in their lives.

    Initially, the table was designed to work with Ableton Live. However, after comparing the somewhat basic functions of the table with the extensive functions of Ableton Live, it seemed somewhat pointless.
    Those of you familiar with Ableton will understand just how simple the program makes beat matched sequences, even when mixing a computer generated house track, with a human generated rock song (the rock song not being 100% rock steady).
    The program warps the track, identifying the high notes, and stretching the distance between them so that all notes are evenly spaced- creating a near perfect beat.
    Also, the program can become very rigid, which deterred me. I like the idea of physically handling the songs to get them in-sync- hence the “digital” turntables.
    It is hard to fully describe this extensive program in my own words, unless people have used it.

    Now, I understand fully that most hardcore vinyl DJ’s will agree that such a program takes a lot of the spirit and skill out of DJing- and I agree. But this product is designed for a different genre of people.

    As for price and other details- who knows!!! 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for all the comments! It has been very enlightening!

  • Keith says:

    I know people have said this before about other things, but there is nothing like touching the record as it is spinning. Feeling the weight of the platter and record, as well as the surface of the record. All of the good digital turntables attempt to recreate this feeling. Violins are still handmade in the same way they used to be. I think with musical instruments like these, nothing will beat the good old-fashioned feeling. Electric violins have a place, and so do these, just a very small niche.

    • Eric says:

      Maybe with shape shifting materials in the future, we can make a real record that can change it’s ridges to become any song, would feel the same…. Many benefits to creative musicians.

  • Melvin says:

    ahahaha your obviously not smart enough to spell let alone judge great work..

  • paul m.m says:

    dude i FREAKIN want one that would be so FREAKIN FUN

  • Josh Roybal says:

    I would like to test out the concept when it’s finished at my electronic music night in Los Angeles. Will the designer please contact me? I can be reached @ [email protected]

  • Phaserjunkie says:

    I would like to talk to whoever the designers were on this, I really think that this would be a great idea. Although, I could see it being used in space age CCG instead, however I highly doubt it would be taken as such.

  • ivan says:

    Oh man, this is a really cool gadget!

  • SB says:

    i think he meant he was full of awe…

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