This Smart Light is what you get if a Disco Ball and Smart Bulb had a baby

If the 20th century had the lava lamp, the 21st century has the GLORB. It’s dynamic, portable, customizable, smart, heck, it’s even waterproof.

A geodesic sphere, where each individual facet is a dedicated LED panel. The GLORB isn’t your average smart home lighting solution. Forget the moon lamps of 2020, the sunset lights of 2021, and those atrocious astronaut-shaped projector lamps that still pass off as ambient lights. The GLORB might just be the most beautifully dynamic ambient smart light ever made.

Designer: Alexander Osika

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On the inside, the GLORB’s like any other smart bulb. It changes colors, connects to the internet, is audio-responsive, and has the ability to animate light patterns… But zoom out and you’ll see what makes the GLORB so alluring. Made up of 80 different triangular panels that light up in various colors, the GLORB looks like a disco ball, but instead of working on reflecting light, the GLORB itself comes to life by lighting up in uniquely different ways.

The app works by combining a palette and an animation. Save the combination as a favorite. Favorites can be placed into playlists that you can name for any specific occasion or mood.

The multiple panels allow the GLORB to come to life by breathing light and color. Roughly the size of a football, the faceted light can either be hung from the ceiling or used as a tabletop ambient light. It comes with its own stand, runs on 5V of power (which means you can operate it via a power bank too), and can be controlled by an app, through your smart home network, or even with music. The GLORB boasts compatibility with Alexa, Philips Hue, Homey, and Home Assistant, with future support for Google Home, Apple Home Kit, and even Matter.

You can stream your music directly to the GLORB.

The GLORB makes for a perfect ambient light during movie night, a house party, a backdrop for your vlog or podcast, or even to pair along with your RGB gaming gear. The 80 individual LED panels pulsate light, changing colors or breathing an individual hue to make it look like the lamp is living. Through the app, you can select from a variety of animations and adjust the brightness or pulsating speed. The app also lets you pair multiple GLORBs together so they shine in synchronicity, and an audio-responsive mode allows the GLORB to even respond to music, quite literally mimicking the dynamic appeal of a disco ball.

Each GLORB comes made from a mix of plant-based polymers as well as recyclable plastic. The GLORB comes paired with a dedicated faceted stand that also doubles up as a ceiling mount, letting you either keep the orb on a tabletop surface or hanging as an ambient pendant light. The light works without the stand too, running directly on a power supply or a power bank, and it’s water-resistant too, which means you could take it outdoors to upgrade your camping experience, place it in your garden for an ambient evening, or strategically arrange them around your swimming pool for the most incredible night-time pool party ever. The GLORB is both WiFi and Bluetooth compatible, and will get better with time through free OTA updates.

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $199 (35% off). Hurry, only 3/630 left! Raised over $381,000.