The CliqueFie Sway offers battery-less single-axis stabilization in an incredibly slick, pocket-friendly design

Working on just one axis to cut out your hand’s jitter, the CliqueFie Sway gives you shake-free footage that doesn’t need to be optically stabilized in post-production. The slim little gimbal runs without a battery and is perfect for small-time creators or even enthusiasts who like taking videos in and around the city. While the gimbal isn’t equipped to work on rough trails while in your car, or while trekking, it’s perfect for a casual walk around the city.

A finalist at the iF Design Award, the Sway’s sleek design is perhaps its biggest highlight. The product relies on a foldable design, with plain cylindrical surfaces that have a minimalist style that makes the product look simple to use and lightweight enough to carry. The gimbal itself is smartly designed to work without a battery and a motor by utilizing the strength of gravity to help cancel out any hand-jitter, resulting in smoother videos.

With its tension dial and slide lock, either professional or amateur videographers can easily control and adjust the swing rate while filming and can lock the angle when needed. This simplifies operation and shooting, yet maximizes the phone camera’s built-in capabilities to capture footage from any viewing angle.

Designer: CRE8 for CliqueFie