Electric Batpod is a turbine-engine powered ride with tank tread wheels that sits in Batman’s underground cave

How about a Batpod riding on tank tread wheels for The Batman movie that’ll portray the vigilante as a motorhead building his own set of wheels in the secret underground Batcave?

The ruthless vigilante, Batman eventually evolved into a superhero with a strict moral code and a sense of justice. The rides that the superhero relies on for his good deeds have also evolved over the years. Remember Christopher Nolan’s Tumbler Batmobile which was highly militarized for the right reasons. The escape pod integrated into the Tumbler (yes the Batpod) was equally impressive. So why shouldn’t the future Batpod two-wheeler be militarized for added spice?

Designer: Fang E

Even though director Matt Reeves is vouching for a more realistic approach for the Batmobile and Batcave for the upcoming “The Batman” movie slated for March 4, 2022 release, I would totally be rooting for a Batpod with tank treads. Just like the one pictured here. Created by Fang E (aka. Fang Yi) who was already impressed with his dystopian world two-wheeler, has crafted another digital masterpiece that is the perfect fit for the redesigned Batcave Matt has hinted for the upcoming Batman – right in the heart of the secret underground railway that exists in New York.

Christened the P.64 Lancehead, this cool militarized two-wheeler has that definitive edgy Batman influence. The sharp aesthetics and the Batman-like drape on all sides are absolutely dope for the vigilante’s fans. The concept vehicle is imagined to be powered by an electric gas turbine engine – so one can expect that deep sound matching Batman’s personality. To overhaul the dark character of the superhero who’s been a loner all these years, the bike could be the ideal accomplice with its multi-colored options too. Just imagine the Batman riding this dapper machine in blue and yellow or unicolored matte orange skin!