A compact electric vehicle charger perfectly emulates futuristic sleek EV designs

A compact and practical electric vehicle charger designed keeping in mind the future of EVs and the preferences of demanding customers. This is the compact Éclair EV charger which goes perfectly with the styling of future electric vehicle designs and the current ones like Tesla Model 3 too.

It’s estimated that by 2030 all-electric vehicles will account for 52 percent of total worldwide sales. This will consequently see a sharp rise in the demand for electric vehicle charging stations. The more compact EV charging rigs, the better it is for the future. Last year we saw the Genesis EV Home Charger bring a new vision to the user-centric EV charging needs, and now another concept EV charging solution gives us a good idea of what’s heading our way in the coming years.

Designer: Off Of

Most of the electric vehicles that we see in production and on roads adapt sharp geometric aesthetics to reflect the futuristic appeal. The Éclair electric vehicle charger is inspired by that very geometric design aesthetic. This compact electric vehicle charger has a dedicated RFID card payment slot for easy and quick charging at designated stations. Once the halo light turns blue from red, the EV is ready to receive the charge. The wall-mounted EV charging station is designed keeping in mind ease of use, and storing the cable in the gap between the circle face and rectangle body is a clear example.

The charging gun having both B-type and C-type charging ports, slots in the middle of the circle. Those who want to charge their vehicle with their own charging cables can screw it up to the empty socket at the bottom. Keeping in mind the commercial use, the designers have made the charger’s exposed body from black sanding plastic material to avoid any scratches. For aesthetic appeal, the other sections are covered with metallic silver spray.