Pretty Little Battery Bike of Wood

Check the heck out this little bike that runs on batteries. Not only is it aesthetically MORE than pleasing, it’s made out of a bunch of wood (and a bit of metal and plastic of course) and runs on tiny batteries you can carry around with you in your pocket! This is the Biona and it’s designed by Jordi Poblet Pedrol, a fellow who wants to replace gasoline entirely in our urban vehicles. This project attempts to give the world a brand new perception of what an electric motorcycle is.

This design uses traditional yet greener versions of parts used on classic motorcycles, “never forgetting new technologies and new tendencies.” Look like something you’d ride to futball practice? Pedrol leaves us with this thought:

Do we really need those big plastic parts? Do we really need so much weight? Do we really need the same design for motorcycles?

The “biona” project tries to answer these questions, building only another perspective of what a motorbike should look like.

Designer: Jordi Poblet Pedrol