BMW R 18 The Crown celebrates BMW Motorrad’s 100th anniversary in classic steampunk theme

It’s been a century-long since BMW Motorrad first released a motorbike and the journey continues. Now, German motorcycle builder Dirk Oehlerking has crafted a breathtaking masterpiece paying homage to the brand’s rich heritage and commemorating 100 years of innovation and craftsmanship.

Dubbed “BMW R 18 The Crown” the deeply low-slung build exudes a regal presence, seamlessly blending classic aesthetics with modern inclusions. It is in fact inspired by the industrial culture and the proximity to industry and crafts.” That completely reflects in the exquisite handmade leather seat, premium paintwork, and meticulously crafted details showcase the exceptional attention to detail by the owner of Kingston Custom.

Designer: Dirk Oehlerking

The BMW R 18 Crown combines the timeless elegance of the R 18 series with exclusive design elements and advanced engineering. Yes, that’s the same R 18 that is the favorite canvas for motorheads to improvise on. Take for example the Spirit of Passion created by Dirk back in 2021. This time though the donor R 18 is completely unrecognizable adorned in a steampunkish attire.

The elongated body frame is complemented by a gold-plated radiator cover, pinstriping accents, and a hand-painted crown emblem, symbolizing the pinnacle of BMW Motorrad’s legacy. That explains the small crown on top of the BMW logo on the bodywork, and I’m not sure if purists will appreciate the inclusion!

Underneath the majestic exterior, the BMW R 18 Crown boasts a 1.8-liter Big Boxer air-cooled flat twin engine, delivering 116 pound-feet of torque and 91 horsepower. The massive torque output ensures effortless acceleration for an unforgettable riding experience given it’s so close to the tarmac. Not to miss the deep, resonant sound when the engine is fired up echoing German marque’s relentless engineering prowess.

This R 18 Crown comes with the backing of advanced technology and a refined suspension system, to bring comfort and handling precision, so that riders can conquer freeways and winding roads with ease. For this build, Oehlerking goes for a double-sided swingarm and central suspension strut.

The front end has received the maximum facelift in the form of a classic bike glare and there’s no fork to hold it in place. The powertrain is concealed under the thick Champagne Platinum bodywork that hugs the pair of handcrafted stainless steel exhaust manifolds. The 8-liter fuel tank is visually inseparable from the body and is followed by the aluminum seat that looks a bit uncomfortable for long hauls.

The BMW R 18 Crown is more than just a motorcycle; it represents a century of BMW Motorrad’s passion for innovation and design excellence. With its captivating aesthetics, impressive performance, and limited-edition status, the R 18 Crown becomes a prized possession for motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors alike!