This hanging light fixture doubles as a planter to bring nature indoors

Jungle is a one-part light fixture and one-part planter that can be suspended from the ceiling by two lengthy fabric straps.

Ever since we started working from home, biophilic design has been our saving grace. Created from the intersection of nature and the indoors, biophilic design typically combines some aspect of nature with interior design or architecture.

Designer: KABO & PYDO

Most commonly in homes across the world, indoor gardens are a form of biophilic design. Interpreting biophilia in a similar way, Jungle, designed by Poland-based KABO & PYDO design studio, is a planter that can hang from the ceiling and also function as a semi-flush mount light fixture.

Comprised of only a few parts, the beauty of Jungle lies in the design’s simplicity. Defined by a bulbous, capsule-shaped centerpiece, Jungle is a half-planter and half-light fixture. The capsule-shaped planter emanates a warm, golden light that’s diffused with an opaque body. The opaque body softens the light and accentuates the plant life by offering an unassuming canvas for teeming greenery to drape across.


As the designers describe, “The simple form of a glowing vessel is a perfect background emphasizing the beauty of the main actors – plants. The lamp emits a soft, silky-smooth light that creates a relaxing atmosphere, ideal for places such as the chill-out zone. Light and nature will help you relax.”

Hanging from the ceiling, the light fixture is suspended by two lengthy fabric straps that merge with the ceiling for a seamless look. Watertight by design, the opaque, plastic lampshade keeps a simple, modern look that fits right into any living room.