Beauty and the Beast’s new flower vase doesn’t make a mess

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney films and the scene where the petal drops is such a poetic visual. However, in real life when petals keep dropping one by one it is not as magical, in fact, it can get annoying when they come under your feet or are constantly at the countertop no matter how many times you clean. Prop is a conceptual vase that turns this petal plunge into petal power with one simple twist to the conventional vase.

Prop’s most distinct feature is the petal plate – we usually don’t see this in a vase and I like the idea that it can catch petals before they fall down so it looks artistic instead of messy! It has three simple parts – the vase, the water bottle, and the petal plate. To add a touch of rich aesthetic, the glass slides were covered with a plating material. The plate makes it easy to discard all petals together instead of one by one (that you pick from the surrounding surfaces) and the water bottle is a convenient way to add or change the water.

The elegant yet functional flower vase comes in three colors – budding yellow, blooming red and faded orange. The warm tones complement your flowers and make your space cozy. Prop reimagines the traditional flower vase and brings back a little bit of the Disney magic without the mess!

Designer: Fountain Studio and Soohyeon Lim