Maxtand 2.0 gives you an instant adjustable standing desk for your laptop, no matter where you are

Now in its second iteration, the Maxtand 2.0 goes above and beyond to give you flexibility and freedom with your workspace, whether you’re in an office or at home. The adjustable stand works universally with all laptops and sits on any tabletop surface, turning it into an instant standing desk.

Designer: Creatio Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $119 $159 (25% off).

When the Maxtand debuted in 2019, the world was a completely different place. ‘Pandemics’ and ‘social distancing’ were words that never entered our regular conversations, and work-from-home was a rare luxury, not a necessity. Two full years into the global pandemic, the case for the Maxtand is stronger than ever. While we still struggle to work from homes on our dining tables and uncomfortable chairs and sofas, the Maxtand gives you the freedom to have your own standing desk wherever you want, and your spine the ability to stretch out so you’re not hunched over a laptop for hours at an end.

The Maxtand 2.0 is a slick little laptop stand that can sit flat against your desk when you want, and elevate your laptop by as much as 15.1 inches (38.5cm) when fully expanded. Think of it like Apple’s Pro Stand for your laptop, but 95% cheaper.

The Maxtand 2.0 sports the same 3-pivot design as its predecessor, albeit with a newer, lighter, stronger aluminum alloy construction. It weighs a paltry 6.6 pounds and can be folded down to a thickness of 1.75 inches, allowing you to easily slide the stand right into your backpack to carry with you. Once you’re ready to get to work, the stand sits between your table and laptop, offering an infinitely adjustable arrangement that allows you to choose not just the height you want, but the angle you want too. With new stainless-steel friction hinges, the new stand design has a load-bearing capacity of a staggering 50lbs, so you can place your laptop as well as the weight of both your palms on the Maxtand 2.0, and it won’t buckle or change height/angles while you work.

You can either clip the Maxtand 2.0 to your desk at work, use it as a hovering table when you’re working in bed, or even use it on the floor. The stand works seamlessly with all laptops, but even supports desktop monitors, tablets, and more. Whether you’re looking for a standing-desk setup, or whether you’d like to position your laptop at an angle as you type away on a wireless keyboard, or even if you need a small table to work while you’re on your sofa, the Maxtand’s combination of sturdy build-quality with a flexible and practical design (that works with monitors, laptops, tablets, projectors, etc.) makes it an ideal addition to your workspace, no matter where it is!

The stand comes in a ‘Regular’ variant as well as a marginally smaller ‘Slim’ variant. The Maxtand 2.0 Slim’s available on Kickstarter for $119, while the Regular costs just $30 more. The units begin shipping in May.

Click Here to Buy Now: $119 $159 (25% off).