Inspired by the butterfly knife, this ‘Brass Butterfly Comb’ is just an incredibly slick Everyday Carry

I bet the Butterfly Comb would be an incredibly cool cultural artifact of the late 80s.

If looks could kill, the Butterfly Brass Comb would be as lethal as a butterfly knife. Designed and built from scratch by the genius known by his internet moniker ‘Koss Workshop‘, the Butterfly Brass Comb comes meticulously machined from a solid piece of brass, sandwiched between the two-part handle made from acid-finished copper complete with an incredibly satisfying magnetic closure system.

The video above shows Koss in action, as he builds out the comb from scratch. Starting with just raw materials, Koss gets to work, creating the profiles for the comb’s various parts and sticking them onto the solid metal pieces that then go through a laborious cutting, sanding, and polishing process. The brass comb itself is painstakingly built with Koss manually cutting out each tooth, before sanding the edges to round them out. The handle, on the other hand, starts as two pieces of hollow copper pipes that get cut, polished, and etched in an acid that takes away their rose-gold sheen, giving the handles a distressed grungy look that pairs wonderfully with the brass comb inside. To finish it off, Koss also adds magnets inside the handle, causing them to click open and shut for an incredibly satisfying tactile experience.

The almost-11-minute video ends with Koss demonstrating how the comb opens, flicking the handles inward and outward like a pro. The Butterfly Brass Comb exists only as a solitary unit that Koss sold on his Etsy store to a willing buyer who snapped it up for $850. I guess that person REALLY likes combs…

Designer: Koss Workshop