Tiny handheld device lets you measure your body fat in seconds, so you can plan diets and workouts better

In its second iteration, the Bello2 is now even more compact and lets you easily scan your body to analyze your body fat, visceral fat, metabolic levels, and BMI, all in a matter of seconds.

Designer: Bello Team

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Arguably the most useful device you could have to track your New Year’s fitness goals, Bello2 is quite different from your average weighing machine. Sure, your weighing machine tells you what your weight is (or more accurately your mass), but it doesn’t provide a dataset that’s truly valuable when it comes to calculating ‘fitness’. You could extrapolate your BMI based on your weight, but that’s just a half-baked way of measuring actual fitness.

What Bello2 does is give you a breakdown of actual data that tells you how fit you are. Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy, the handheld device can calculate your body’s fat content with DEXA-scan levels of accuracy, and the Bello2 app uses that data along with your body measurements (that you independently input) to give you a better overview of your health while also being able to create nutritional programs and health goals for you.

Remarkably enough, the device champions itself on its sheer portable size. Roughly measuring the same as a power bank (or even your wallet), the Bello2 can be carried anywhere and used everywhere too. The Bello2 is FCC-registered and uses NIRS – Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to measure your body’s stats.

The technology employs a series of 8-wavelength NIR LEDs operating within the wavelength range of 650 to 1100 nm, making it safe, non-invasive, and radiation-free. Instead of measuring your blood’s oxygen levels, however, the Bello2 uses the same technology to measure oxygen and water saturation in capillaries, hemoglobin concentration, and lipids in tissues across different parts of your body. While the original Bello1 from 2020 only gathered data from 2 parts of the body, the Bello2 bumps that number up to 5, allowing it to get a clearer picture of your fitness levels before those stats are presented to you in an easy-to-understand report on the Bello2 app.

Using the Bello2 device is as simple as placing its sensors on your skin and pressing a button. The Bello2 notably has the ability to gather data from 5 different parts of your body – your stomach, your left and right biceps, and left and right vastus muscles (the outer side of your thighs). In mere seconds, the Bello2 calculates what it has to, sending the data to the Bello2 app which gets presented to you in a neatly compiled dashboard that tells you your body’s fat content, your BMI, and your Metabolic Health Index.

However, to help you make better sense of the information, the Bello2 app even uses this data to create exercise plans and nutritional regimens for you. It’s almost self-fulfilling, as you follow the plans to see the results show up on the Bello2 app and on your body in real life.

Subsequently, Bello2 also offers what they call 9 Block Therapy, a unique health program that lets you get to your desired body type. The app takes an input of your current body measurements and lets you select a body-type goal, following which you get hyper-specific exercise and nutritional recommendations based on your goals.

The app facilitates the entire process, from measurement to recommendations. Upon opening the app, it first guides you through how to use the Bello2 device. In a process that can take roughly a minute, the Bello2 gathers all the information it needs from the 5 data points (belly, arms, thighs) and compiles a report for you. You can then set goals, create exercise plans, and even diet plans, thanks to Bello2’s incredibly vast dietary resource.

Designed to be portable so you can carry it anywhere, Bello2 lets you stay fit no matter where you are. Its exercise recommendations are location-agnostic and don’t really require any equipment (so you can even follow a fitness plan while traveling), and while it may not be possible to always have the resources required to cook your own meals to nutritional perfection, the app’s suggestions aim to create a rough guideline that you can follow. Moreover, the device constantly measures your progress and readjusts its recommendations accordingly, creating a sort of flexibility that most would find really helpful. The Bello2 device is available for an exclusive YD Readers price of $165, inclusive of all the features/services within the app as well. You can grab your own Bello2 device using the link below; shipping begins in March 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: $165 $350 (52% off). Hurry, exclusive to YD readers only.