YD x KeyShot Inspiration Hub Design of the Week #1 – AirShock Inflatable Controller

We kick off the YD x KeyShot Inspiration Hub’s first Design of the Week with this absurdly innovative PlayStation controller that opts for an inflatable design as opposed to those hyper-ergonomic solid forms. Blow air into the controller and it puffs up into a lightweight handheld device that conforms to the shape of your hand the way an inflatable neck pillow adjusts to your body’s contours. Would such a device even be feasible? We’d have to try it out to really have actual answers… but there’s no denying one thing. That this concept from Running Guy Studio is refreshingly different and catches the eye with its unique style and brilliant rendering.

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If you don’t know what the YD x KeyShot Inspiration Hub is, it’s best to think of it as the ultimate destination to find the most inspirational design work, as well as to have your own work featured, so it can be seen by a global audience of thousands of designers and creatives… an ever-expanding encyclopedia of good design and great rendering

The hub helps fulfill YD and KeyShot’s broad goal of recognizing exemplary work from a distance and helping amplify it without having to rely on an algorithm, unlike with portfolio sites and social media. It relies on YD’s 20-year history of curating great ideas, concepts, and case studies and ties it to KeyShot’s powerful position as the design industry’s most powerful and preferred rendering software.

The Inspiration Hub’s jury panel will hand-pick and highlight an outstanding design each week, also awarding a ‘Design of the Month’ and ‘Design of the Year’, featuring them at the top of the hub’s page while giving winning designs a permanent badge and entering them into the Inspiration Hub’s ‘Hall of Fame’. Hall-of-Famers will also be featured on Yanko Design’s Instagram page and will win exciting prizes from KeyShot. If you think your design has a chance to get featured on the hub and win, submit your design with us here.
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Click Here to view all designs on the YD x Keyshot Inspiration Hub website!