The Nissan Patrol Concept is a military-ready six-wheeled behemoth designed to dominate roads

Modeled on the larger-than-life presence of cars like the Nissan Rogue, the Nissan Patrol is a hulking 6×6 concept that’s designed to command authority and enforce the law.

The work of UAE-based automotive designer Nazar Eisa, the Nissan Patrol concept was created for a client based out of Abu Dhabi. With its massive body resting on six wheels, the car clearly isn’t meant for the faint of heart. Rendered in olive green as well as a special camouflage paint-job, the car’s assertive presence is entirely intentional. The name suggests that it’s less of a recreational vehicle and more of a patrol car designed for military, SWAT teams, and other rapid-response security personnel.

The Nissan Patrol concept is a successor to the existing Patrol line of long wheel-base cars from the Japanese company, dating back to as recently as 2017. The 2017 Patrol (also called the Armada) saw a lot of success in parts of Asia and the Middle East, where it was, in fact, marketed as a military vehicle. This current Patrol concept is no different, although it does come with a staggering 6-wheel drive, and a massive elongated body that has big pick(up) energy… (see what I did there?)

While we have no view of the car’s interiors, the exteriors definitely indicate that it’s meant for a wide variety of scenarios. The incredible ground clearance makes the Nissan Patrol concept highly capable on rough terrain – a feature that’s further empowered by the Patrol’s 6-wheel drive. The car’s also outfitted with your traditional headlights as well as fog lights on the top and around the bumper for increased visibility. In short… you can run from the Nissan Patrol, but you can’t hide from it!

Designer: Nazar Eisa