This Akira superbike elevates Cyberpunk 2077 futurism to unprecedented levels

A lone ghost in the dark, a two-wheeled hunk that’s waiting to set the roads on fire with its muscular figure and panache. Meet the Akira&Ducati cruise superbike that will make all you bike lovers go weak in the knees!

The flashy red Kaneda’s superbike from the sci-fi flick Akira released in 1988 imprinted a lasting impression for the pop universe in the 80s, and the legend is still alive. After all, who can forget the wide and low body jet-like bike speeding the Tokyo highway? This handsome-looking bike has a few real-life, street-legal avatars – but nothing that you and us can lay our hands-on and park in the garage. This Akira bike concept by Shanghai-based artist James Qui gives me hope though. Someday the Akira’s futuristic-looking motorbike will speed on the freeways, only to become a cult favorite decades down the line.

James calls it the Akira&Ducati for one simple reason – it is built around the Ducati Diavel cruiser bike. The aggressive Akira bike here gets the donor bike’s trellis frame with the extra framework to support the rider on long journeys, a jet-inspired cockpit draped in carbon elements and an L-Twin internal combustion engine with a set of turbochargers for more power delivery. The massive spherical Pirelli P-ZERO tires and the colossal front air intakes give it the Cyberpunk-worthy appeal. And rightly so, as Katsuhiro Otomo’s manga Akira inspired the Cyberpunk 2077 Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X – the fastest bike in the open-world action-adventure game.

The bike gets front wheel-mounted headlights and another set of belly pan-mounted LEDs for extra illumination on foggy days. There’s a dual Termignoni silencer setup joined to the blued titanium headers and the carbon fiber elements on the bodywork bring a semblance of style. Match that up to the single-sided swingarm and the typical 80s neo-retro display, and this Akira rocket is destined to turn eyeballs. Everything on the Akira bike is done with profound attention to detail, and any time a real-life production model of the Akira will be coming, James Qui will be the guy to contact for the blueprints!

Designer: James Qui