The ICEBREAKER POP shows how we’ve been making ice wrong all these years

Label me ignorant, but I had no idea there was a ‘wrong’ way to make ice… but then again, you live and learn, right? Apparently the ice-tray we use today has quite a few flaws in it that people tend to overlook. It’s ridiculously difficult to fill, to balance, and to place in the freezer. The water tends to absorb the scent of stuff around it, so it’s also entirely likely that your open-tray may result in ice-cubes smelling like frozen fish or frozen peas. Not to mention the fact that popping the ice out of the tray invariably requires you actually, physically touch the ice-cube, which according to any expert bartender or barista, is an absolute no-no. Now nobody’s going to really stop you from using the conventional ice-tray to make ice-cubes. After all, we’re creatures of habit and we ‘get set’ in our ways, right? There is, however, a better way to go about making ice. It’s called the Icebreaker, and it works as an air-tight ice-tray that stores horizontally or even vertically, creates perfect ice-cubes that don’t melt as quickly, and can even be added to your drink without touching them!

The ICEBREAKER® POP is somewhat like a thermos that creates ice-cubes. All you do is fill water into its upright-cuboid design and seal the top. The ICEBREAKER® POP’s chocolate-bar pattern on either side helps form the water into 18 large ice-cubes that you break apart by just exerting pressure on the side of the bottle after you’ve frozen it for 6-8 hours. The ice-maker comes with a special expandable design that lets you increase its volume, helping the cubes fall out of their enclosures and collect into the bottle’s hollow space. That’s it. Just pour the cubes out by tipping the ice-maker over and voila! The freshest ice you can imagine!

What the ICEBREAKER® POP manages to do is conveniently circumvent every problem you could have with making ice in your freezer. The container is completely leak-proof, which lets you store it either horizontally or vertically in your freezer (while also making sure your water doesn’t smell like the rest of the food you’ve stored there). It also works entirely hands-free, so the ice-cubes can go from container to cocktail without touching your fingers… and its most winning feature is the fact that the ICEBREAKER® POP actually works as a thermos too! You can make ice-cubes in your fridge and carry the ICEBREAKER® POP to a picnic, or to a friend’s house without worrying about the ice melting. The container’s thermo-effective design, along with the cube’s unique shape actually decelerates the melting process… and THAT’s the right way to make ice, people!

Designer: Kim Jensen

Click Here to Buy Now: $44 $60 (26% off). Hurry, only 26/250 left!

ICEBREAKER® POP – The Ice Cube Tray Reinvented

ICEBREAKER® POP eliminates ice cube trays with its space-saving design and your ice is ready to be served without touching it.

Enjoy 18 large slow-melting 1x1x1” ice cubes from the air-tight container anywhere without foul-tasting freezer odors.

Made from BPA-free food grade rubber and plastics and 100% non-toxic — safe for you, your family and friends.

The thermo effective container limits melting even after hours exposed at room temperature. So it’s perfect for adding a little extra chilled magic anywhere, whether on a camping trip with your family or even traveling the world.

The secret is two-fold: the team has designed a thermo-effective container that keeps the ice chilled at room temperature when it’s closed, AND the all-new design of the rounded ice takes MUCH longer to melt because of its surface area to volume ratio.

The patented stacking system makes it easy to stock up on ice without wasting space like ice trays and bulky ice bags.

Unlike open ice cube trays, ICEBREAKER’s 100% airtight design prevents your ice from absorbing any funky food odors and prevents spills.

Easily disassemble and clean, even dishwasher when needed. Both POP ice trays are attached to the mainframe with easy to separate rubber seals.

BPA and Phthalate Free. It can be reused 1,000’s of times, reducing plastic waste from single-use plastic bags.

Easy to Use. Fill with water and freeze for 6-7 hours. Open the lid, and pull apart the straps and shake to loosen the ice.

Click Here to Buy Now: $44 $60 (26% off). Hurry, only 26/250 left!