Designed for non-gamers, this controller fits in your pocket and connects to your smartphone for gaming on-the-go!

Calling all non-gamers! There’s a new portable controller designed just for us. I’ve never been much of a gamer. That’s not to say, I don’t like playing video games. I think it’s safer to say gamers don’t like playing me. Mario Kart gets kind of boring once everyone has no choice but to watch my character finish their second lap five minutes after everyone else crossed the finish line. Maybe that’s why we’re always “short on controllers.” Anyway – Elvin Aliyev designed the Psistick controller for those of us who, like myself, enjoy video games, but get the “Wrong Way” alert way too often to feel comfortable sharing.

As described by Aliyev, “Psistick is a portable controller for IOS and Android, for non-gamers who like to play.” The modest design and mere size of Psistick indicate that Aliyev didn’t design the controller for a gamer’s primary use, but instead for on-the-go or amateur gaming needs. The designer’s Psistick controllers come in either speckled black or slate white and feature the usual components that fill up your typical video game controller: a start button, left and right triggers, input-control and direction pads, and a button for Bluetooth connectivity. The intuitive layout of Psistick also further heightens the ergonomic functionality of the device. It’s been years since I’ve owned my own gaming console, but, just like learning how to ride a bike sticks with you, I still remember what each switch means and how to work my way around the main menu, just giving some credit where credit’s due – I digress. In addition to the controller’s intuitive interface, Psistick measures out to be around three-quarters of the height of a newer iPhone model. The whole controller can fit in the palm of a user’s hand, which makes Psistick extremely portable, easily fitting inside even smaller pockets. Aliyev also incorporated a jack along the outer edge of Psistick for Micro-USB B connectivity so that even when Bluetooth isn’t feasible, dual-gaming and console connectivity are always available.

Even though I still haven’t shaken off my amateur gaming chops, with a miniature controller like Psistick I can play video games on-the-go or even practice Mario Kart in the comfort of my own home without the eyes of the ghosts inside Luigi’s mansion sneering at my every lap. Psistick also offers a low-maintenance and inexpensive alternative to larger gaming systems designed for frequent use, but that’s not to say it’s the perfect controller for everyone. Aliyev even alerts gamers everywhere, “[The] portable controller [is] for non-gamers who like to play. Do not buy if you are a gamer. Buy [Psistick] if you like to play.” Non-gamer? Check. Like to play? Check. Sign me up!

Designer: Elvin Aliyev