Lazzarini Design’s Cyborg hypercar steams into a future dominated by performance oriented EVs

A concept hypercar destined to set the tarmac on fire, as the machine stamps its authority over other four-wheelers. The beefy build and the intimidating front section of the car are comparable to a super fit bodybuilder in his prime.

Lazzarini Design Studio is the epitome of perfection and future-forward designs that’ll pave way for transportation, architecture and aerospace. The founder Pierpaolo Lazzarini has created a niche for his brand in the design space and their automotive creations are an inspiration, to say the least. Along with the flamboyant yacht and watercraft designs, the design studio wants to change the future landscape of commuting in style with equally impressive automotive creations.

The gull-winged Cyborg is a good example of this radical thinking that’ll shape the element of ludicrous style and power for four-wheeled beasts in a decade’s time. Machines capable of breakneck speeds while being powered by an electric powertrain. All this without compromising on the bold character capable of intimidating any other hypercar on the freeway. A form that’s comparable to a muscular fighter in the heavyweight category. Lazzarini Design seems to have drawn its inspiration from the acclaimed Bugatti Chiron on the front section, having a contoured flowing shape well complimented by the slim array of LED headlights.

From the sides and the rear section, it gives off the peculiar Bugatti Bolide hypercar vibe. The middle sections look a lot slimmer though and the muscular build-up on the front and rear makes me draw parallels with a toned bodybuilder who’s had the right dosage of steroids for muscle mass just at the right spots. The design studio refers to this creation as a half-human half-machine, which goes perfectly with my analogy (I hope so). The Cyborg indeed is a racing machine built for the future – one that you would keep staring at each time it blasts past you on the highway. The future indeed is exciting if Lazzarini Design Studio’s concept meets fruition!

Designer: Lazzarini Design Studio