Link: The Last Mile Delivery Solution

LINK is a synchronized logistics system that uses a city’s existing infrastructure, like public transportation resources, to distribute goods throughout the city in a seamless, sustainable way. The network connects between consolidation centers, neighborhood storage spaces and local retailers using a fleet of robotic transporters. The system enables shorter distribution distances, reducing unorganized truck movement and the related environmental impact. An excellent alternative for “last mile” distribution! Vid after the jump —>

The system connects consolidation centers located at the city outskirts with neighborhood storage spaces and local businesses. Cargo arriving at the city is first accumulated in the centers that are part of transportation depots. There, it is sorted according to neighborhoods and loaded on the transporters. Using smart technologies, the robotic vehicles navigate their way by synchronizing and following the public transportation to their destinations – the hubs. At arrival they autonomously release their full containers on to designated docks. They replace them with empty ones or with containers full of packaging waste. The transporters then return to the consolidation centers to be reloaded and sent out again. The containers in the hubs function as temporary neighborhood storages from which cargo is distributed to the local businesses. The remaining delivery distances are covered by a delivery man on foot, bicycle or other sustainable solutions.

Designer: Ayelet Fishman

Link urban logistics from ayelet fishman on Vimeo.