This skateboard’s modular form is designed to address the problem of our aging population

A kick-scooter like personal commuter designed for future cities in 2040 where flexible modes of mobility will be cherished by the users. Stria fulfills that gap with intuitive design ideation keeping in mind the elderly population too.

Urban mobility is one thing all the sharp minds are trying to streamline and make easier for the end-user as well as bystanders. Hence comes into the picture this mindfully designed e-mobility solution by Hong Kong-based product and industrial designer, Cathy Wong. It is more than just another personal mobility solution aimed at crowded cities. Sometimes such designs make me wonder how different the future will be in a decade or two.

The concept design dubbed Stria is an electric mobility (EMD) vehicle that looks much like a skateboard. The design itself is a two-part system for shared mobility, bringing the personal commuter right to your doorstep, and when you’re done it can be returned back. The first is the actual mobility device which is modular in a way to address different mobility needs. There are four modes to choose from – Sport, Commute, Support, and Companion.

The Sport mode is for active individuals who want to leverage maximum speed and control while riding on the streets courtesy of the lean-to-control configuration. The second is the commute mode targeted for casual riders who want to get to the supermarket in the least time possible without much fuzz, thanks to a grab bar for increased riding stability. The Support mode is for elderly people as it has thigh-leaning support so that the elderly rider or disabled person doesn’t experience body fatigue. In fact, this mode is the reason for the idea to have propped up as Cathy wanted to design a personal mobility solution for the aging population of Hong Kong. The Companion mode acts as a prop while walking and stowing for safe storage indoors.

The designer envisions Stria to be powered by a double brushless motor – the first motor activates while riding and the second one sets into action for smaller movements. The second part of the concept is the movable shuttle-like charging station (smaller than your hatchback car) where all the EDM’s are stored and disinfected for the next commute. The shuttle drives around the block and suffices the need of customers as and when demanded via the compatible app. Cathy thinks of a future where designated wireless charging lanes would be built around the city to keep the personal commuter juiced up for long rides.

Designer: Cathy Wong