This wearable smartwatch evolves by not only measuring your blood pressure, but also storing your medication!

The MedBot is a smartwatch concept that monitors each user’s health conditions, measures blood pressure, stores medications and pills, and sets health-specific reminders.

There’s nothing worse than leaving the house without taking your vitamins or prescription medication. Already halfway to work, suddenly you remember your time-dependent antibiotics, but there’s nothing you can do. With smart technology shacking up in every corner of our lives nowadays, there has to be a means to integrate health concerns into portable, wearable technology.

Noticing this vacant space for a solution-based design, architectural designer Batyrkhan Bayaliev produced the MedBot, a smartwatch that monitors health, stores medication, and reminds users when it’s time to take antibiotics and various pills. Intent on exploring the intersection of health and smart technology, Bayaliev created MedBot as a means for everyone to have access to their health and catalog of medications throughout the day, wherever and whenever.

Similar in fashion to an Apple Watch, Medbot maintains a sleek, inconspicuous design that leaves enough room for a storage compartment where users can keep their pills and medication. A full display screen alerts users of their health conditions, spanning from blood pressure levels to medication reminders. Just beneath the display screen, Bayaliev outfitted MedBot with a pill storage compartment that uses a sliding mechanism to open and close.

Inside the compartment, users will find three sections that can store tablets and capsules of varying sizes. The wristband itself is also adjustable by design, allowing users to loosen or tighten their grip around the wrist as needed. With integrated smart technology that alerts users when to take their medicine, measures blood pressure, and sets alarms, as well as an adjustable wrist strap, MedBot is ideal for the modern health-conscious consumer.

Designer: Batyrkhan Bayaliev

The smartwatch display screen alerts users of varying health reminders and measures blood pressure. 

Just beneath the display screen, a hidden storage compartment allows rooms for pills and medication of varying sizes and shapes.