Do you REALLY need a strip of tape or a flat ruler to measure objects? This circular digital-ruler doesn’t think so

If I told you to measure the distance from your thumb to your little finger, you’d probably use a plastic or steel ruler. If I upped the scales by telling you to measure the length of a room, you’d probably ditch the scale for a tape measure. What if I pushed the distance even further? Like the measurement of a football field? Your tape measure wouldn’t really help much. Or how about if I asked you to measure a curved surface? Sure, you could use a flexible measuring tape (the kinds used by tailors), but you’d probably struggle with accuracy. Here’s a thought – we’re limited by the tools we have at our disposal. Provide better tools and techniques, and those limitations vanish. What if I told you there was a way to measure short AND long distances with ease, as well as to measure the distance of curved surfaces? What if I told you we’ve been doing it for centuries, but without realizing it? Still confused?

Designer: Tiancheng Liang of HOZO Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $71.20 $89 (20% off for YD readers with coupon code “ROLL20”). Hurry, sale ends on Nov 29th.

Your motorcycle/car’s odometer is basically a pretty foolproof distance-measuring tool. The way it works is ridiculously simple. The wheels of your vehicle roll in a particular direction, drawing a path. The number of rolls multiplied by the circumference of the wheel is basically a pretty accurate measure of distance, over short and long paths, and over curved ones too. Scale the wheel and odometer down and you’ve got the ROLLOVA V2.0, a digital ruler that can basically measure distances as long as you want. Roll the device from point A to point B, and the ROLLOVA V2.0 gives you an accurate calculation of the distance covered. Roll it in a circle and you get the circumference, roll it on an undulating surface and you’ll still get an accurate capture of the distance; without fumbling with tapes, scales, threads, or worse… calculators.

Limited edition 18K gold-played Designer Edition.

Shaped like a compact, pocketable hockey puck-ish device made from 7075 Aluminum alloy, the ROLLOVA V2.0 has a textured rubber tread around its rim that rotates as you push it across surfaces. Move it in a straight line or a curved one, the indicator at the base tells you your starting and ending points, while a nifty 1.3″ OLED screen on the front gives you your measurements, using an OLED display and a perforated stainless steel cover in front of it, to give it a safe housing as well as make the digits on the screen appear pixelated like a calculator.

The ROLLOVA V2.0 is capable of measuring in both inches and centimeters (depending on your industry/country) and thanks to the new OVA 2.0 chip on the inside, it can measure up to 0.25mm (with a tolerance of 0.4%) while being much more power efficient compared to its 2018 edition. Whether you use it in metric or imperial measuring modes, the device can chart up to 999.9cm in metric mode, 99.99 inches in inches decimal mode, or 999.9 inches in inches fraction mode and save up to 99 measurements on the device for you to access whenever you need. If you’re measuring in a closed corner or a confined space, a simple function lets you add the Rollova’s radius or diameter to your measurement too.

Using the Rollova V2.0 is as simple as pressing a button and rolling the device across surfaces. Unlike the conventional tape measure, the Rollova can be used by a single person, and can fit right into your pocket, making it an essential tool of trade for industrial designers, architects, fashion designers, transportation designers, and engineers. It runs on 2 replaceable CR1632 batteries, providing 2 years of usage, so you can measure distances without worrying about constantly charging it. The ROLLOVA V2.0 is currently shipping with a tag of $89 for its standard aluminum-body variant… although if you’re a creative professional who prides themselves on using the finest equipment, you can snag a limited-edition 18K gold-plated variant of the Rollova V2.0 for $109!

Click Here to Buy Now: $71.20 $89 (20% off for YD readers with coupon code “ROLL20”). Hurry, sale ends on Nov 29th.