Samsung Galaxy Wireless Headphones concept was designed to rival the Apple AirPods Max

Samsung makes everything from tiny TWS earbuds to massive refrigerators… but for some reason, the company’s never made a smart over-ear wireless headphone. The Korean tech conglomerate even owns Harman Kardon, JBL, and AKG, making the lack of a smart pair of headphones even more absurd. The Samsung Galaxy Level concept, however, visually fills in that void in their catalog, giving the tech giant a smart over-ear wireless headphone that serves as a larger sibling to the Galaxy Buds, but more importantly, that directly rivals the Apple AirPods Max.

Designers: Aleksandar & Lucio Caruso Stefanini

While the Samsung Galaxy Buds are named because of their ‘bud’-shaped design (they look like kidney beans, personally), the Level headphones are named the way they are more because of how calibrated their sound is. The headphones have a slick outer design that comes with buttons located on the rim around the leather ear-cups, although touch-sensitive surfaces on the sides allow you to better interact with your multimedia, doing things like increasing or decreasing volume, answering/rejecting calls, cycling through music, or invoking Bixby or your phone’s own Voice Assistant.

The slick design comes with a Stormtrooper-inspired finish which, frankly though, seems quite unlike Samsung. Perhaps a few metallic color options, like the ones seen on Samsung’s phones and TWS earbuds, would hit the sweet spot. The B/W combination works on its own, but not really within Samsung’s family of products. One could, however, draw some comparison between the Level headphones and Samsung’s Odyssey G9 gaming monitor, which sports a similar color-way. Could the Galaxy Level work as gaming headphones? Oh absolutely, considering that aside from being entirely wireless, the cans also sport a 3.5mm audio input on the side for an AUX cable.