Probably the most scary medical procedure to even observe, is surgery performed on someone’s eye. I imagine design can go a long way in not just making that procedure simpler, faster, and more effective, but also in making the idea of it less daunting. Vitreous is a robot that performs transatlantic retinal surgery. It’s designed to look visually pleasing but also confident. The circular ring acts as a hub for the design, housing the mechanical arms, almost camouflaging them (boy do they look scary!). Transatlantic surgeries involve the patient sitting in one location, while the surgeon sits elsewhere (even in another continent), operating on the patient via the robot. Not having human personnel around is also a nightmare situation for any patient, and the Vitreous’ design aims at making that scenario a little easier to digest. Soft forms, along with a mainly white body promotes an air of calmness, allowing the patient to relax. Still, I can’t help feeling slightly terrified! But that’s just me…

Designer: Ron Ferencz