This Japanese indoor tent is the introvert-friendly social distancing we need in 2021!

Being alone, and at home is not that bad – the pandemic has taught us all that bit at least. But if you are someone who is an introvert, then keeping away from human interaction could be your comfort zone redefined. That’s what this interesting Japanese product is all about. A secluding tent designed for anyone who craves the most comfortable “me space” away from civilization (well at least by the look of it) with all the accessories, snacks, and resting space cocooned into a compact personal haven.

Dubbed the House Naka Secret Base Tent, the contraption could be your reading space, solitary workspace for ultra-productive work regime, or simply a place to take a short nap on a stressful day. Having a well-ventilated airy feel, there are ample curtains and meshes to create a peaceful personal space indoors for those kinds of times when you need one. The self-supporting frame of the tent is designed to keep it sturdy over any surface and the fact that it has no base makes it ideal for keeping on the carpet or a soft fabric base anywhere you desire to. Use-case scenarios with the House Naka Secret Base Tent are endless and it all depends on how you want to make the most of it.

The only downside being – it is not available outside Japan, and only local orders are accepted for now. For someone who already wants one and happens to have a dear friend in the country, a tedious favor (buying it and then shipping it) is worth what you’ll get in the end!

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