This Steampunk-inspired 3-in-1 desk appliance merges a clock, set of speakers, and lamp into one!

This 3-in-1 desk appliance weaves a clock, lamp, and set of speakers into a single product that oozes steampunk design elements like analog gears, cogs, and wheels.

Our desks aren’t complete without lamps and clocks. Appliances like desk clocks and lamps take up prime real estate on our desks–finding the right ones makes all the difference for our time spent working there. While there are plenty of clocks and lamps on the market out to choose from, their timeless appeal continues to inspire designers across the globe. Shenzhen-based designer Evan Huang designed a 3-in-1 desk appliance that includes a clock, lamp, and speakers.

Giving the product a more steampunk, industrial energy, Huang looked to stand out machinery elements like pipelines, engine cases, and gears when designing the desk appliance. Experimenting with geometrical forms in the conceptual phase, Huang contained the appliance within a cylinder where all of the product’s inner workings and gears are stored.

The product’s base integrates the clock and speaker components into its build, with a 24-hour Edison-light clock at the top and discreet speakers built into the middle chunk of the cylinder. Blooming from the side of the product’s base, a tall light fixture emanates warm light and remains largely out of the way of working space.

While it sometimes feels like our desks require a clock, lamp, and set of speakers, it can be hard to fit all of that on our desks in addition to our working materials like notebooks and laptops. Through this dilemma, Evan Huang saw an opportunity for design; the 3-in-1 desk appliance was created because of that dilemma. Encasing a set of speakers, clock, and light fixture into a single product, the new appliance concept saves space and looks good while doing it.

Designer: Evan Huang