Music Bell

Glocke is a unique cradle for an MP3 player and is inspired by the Korean Buddhist Bell. The bell works on the principle of resonance and amplifies sound, spreading its outreach. So when you dock the MP3 player on this device, it amplifies the low sound using the glass cylinder and glossy plastic body to full effect. The LED lamps are cute and glow according to the volume of the music…simply magnificent!

Glocke is a 2011 Sparks Awards Bronze winner.

Designers: Taehak Kwon, Yongbum Lim, Jungjoon Hwang, Sangyong Han and Sangyong Park


  • anthony designstein says:

    Awesome i’d love one in my room

  • sangyong park says:

    Dear yanko.
    You’re winner.
    Now, You can do whatever you please without
    my agree.
    Of course, such as you always does.
    I hoped that I post my project myself.
    In other words, I’m so tired.
    Just, I hope that
    you must respect designer and agree of designer.

  • Kkkkk says:

    I love your design.

    Is it posted yourself?
    I’m a little surprised.
    I agree to your opinion.

  • Jimmy C says:

    I love the idea of having a funnel shaped speaker, except… is that a tiny mp3 player on top? I couldn’t handle something that small, I mean, think of how easy it would be to lose it. And that’s only the first disadvantage I thought of. What if, instead, it just connected to an iPod wirelessly? Still a great sound, just not by itself.

  • thuyvi says:

    i love it!

  • BenC says:

    It reminds me of iPhone Horn Stand and Griffin AirCurve.

    Hmm…I think concave vibration tank and cylinder causes ‘flutter echo’ and poor sound quality( which can be a deal breaker for audio equipment).

    Have you ever put it to the test with something prototypes?

  • Jason Wang says:

    How about you check with one of the 4 other people that helped you design this and see if they posted it on here. YD doesn’t just steal things. Take your attitude and put it up your “bell”.

  • Ahmed says:

    that is the most beautiful design i have seen in a while and I would like to see more of this kind YANKO

  • DT Lim says:

    sure, Benc
    I had Test time
    So that principal is possible~
    when I test that principal, that sound’s more Clear, Loud!
    If you want that test video I’ll send you!
    Anyway Thank you for your opinion!

  • Play Music says:

    It is indeed a beautiful design. This kind of device can make your afternoon so relaxing with such way of music going out of this music bell.

  • MARIO C says:

    Beautiful indeed.
    How about replacing the tiny mp3 player for a hi fidelity speaker that connects to your phone or personal mp3 player?????

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