This modular furniture system can be reconfigured endlessly to keep your kids entertained while you work from home!

Loop is a modular furniture system that aims to keep your kid entertained while you’re working from home, incorporating a mixed array of play modules and work modules that can be reconfigured endlessly to create the ideal WFH space.

Working from home has tested each of our house’s office efficiency and versatility. Few of us have come out on top–sinking into the couch is great for Netflix, but not Zoom, and mid-meeting snacks end up as a layer of cracker and chips on the carpet. Add kids to the mix and a home renovation project couldn’t come soon enough. But before you completely transform your living room, look to Loop, a modular furniture system with integrated kid-friendly features designed by industrial designer Buse Kaya for parents who need to keep an eye on their kids while working from home.

It always feels like the doctor’s office waiting room has everything to keep your kid entertained, from wooden toy blocks to sheets and sheets of stickers, whereas the magazine rack is there for you to peruse while you sip on your coffee and fill out the paperwork. Loop (stylized as Loop.) is a little bit like that.

From a chalkboard to a bead maze and tactile puzzles, each module that makes up Loop is designed for your child to play with while you work. Considering its modular formation, Loop can be configured in countless different ways. In one space, users can stack each module on top of one another to create a partition and standing desk space, allowing you to work freely while your kid remains entertained and within eyesight.

Alternatively, users can position Loop so that the storage modules bunch together while the play and work modules attach to one another to form a hybrid WFH space. Or, true to its name, Loop can form a circle similar to horseshoe desk formations in grade school so while you work at one module, your kid can play away right in front of you.

Since WFH has sprung into high gear, those of us with kids are reconsidering our home spaces to make sure we’re filling out the correct paperwork while watching our kids and keeping them entertained. Comprised of attachable modules, Loop is a furniture system that can adapt to any living space. Each module comes with its own function and personality, offering an array of different play spaces for your child or children to stay entertained.

Designer: Buse Kaya

Each module that comes with Loop can be broken down to create detached play areas for your kid to bring anywhere they like.

The modules can even function as seats that imitate a rocking horse.

Built with kid-friendly materials, Loop is as playful as it is safe. 

Loop comes with an assembly booklet that guides users through the building process. 

Loop’s final form was ultimately decided following multiple ideations and an involved research period.