This LG kitchen hub makes preparing and recording culinary videos effortless for food bloggers

Making cooking videos to post on your Instagram handle can be a fun and engaging way to share your culinary skills with others. Incorporating modern-day gadgets in the process can make your content more interesting and relevant to today’s audience: the Gen Z.

While cameras and lighting have come of age for the good of home cooks leveraging their social footprints for personal recognition; they require human intervention to record, create, and share. This creates a void to be filled by a comprehensive device, which would leave you nothing to do but ‘cook.’ Enter, the LG COit, a kitchen hub, worthy of your needs.

Designer: Jiun Park and Seohee Lee

Designed for LG, the COit is a robot that can serve as a hub in the kitchen ecosystem. Adequate for use by a novice (who can get cooking guidelines) and professional chefs (who can instantly share their prep), this is more of an autonomous device that brings your focus back from videography to cooking, which is primarily what you set out to do at the first place.

Comprising a mountable rail with a circular display surrounded by a camera, projector, light and a smart grip. All of these modules can move freely and independent on the small rail to cover the entire prep area or away from the fire and vapors. These modules – that clip onto the rail with built-in magnets – can be customized in orientation, depending on user requirements.

When put to use, the camera with a depth sensor can recognize items and intimate in real-time about the correct quantity for the dish. The smart gripper can mark out where to dice or chop, and the display can recognize hand gestures to flip between cooking instructions, or upload a created culinary video for the social media followers to appreciate.